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Stars who debut from 80's, 90's, 00's. 10's

Everyday there is a lot of discussion about how stars having big or smaller hits, past & present, let's have a look at these 3 very imp segment of stars big hit films which reflect their stardom.

ATBB = 400% Profits

BB - BLOCKBUSTER = 300% Profits

SH - SUPER HIT = 200% Profits

HIT = 100% Profits

This isn't the ratio precisely, just assumption, when a film gets Verdict higher than HIT, it has bigger margin of success, higher the verdict above HIT biggest HIT raises.

When a star starts giving HIT films, he comes in notice, when he gives SUPER HIT, he stand apart from others, when he deliver a BLOCKBUSTER, he comes in bigger league & when he reaches a stage when he start giving ATBB - ALL TIME BLOCKBUSER, He is in Megastar League.

ATBB + BB + SH = Comes a figure of films having more than HIT kind of business.

FILMS are arranged as per Biggest Hit order of star Adj. Nett Figures/Footfalls)

Ranking from 1-6 is based on Stars who have given ALL TIME GROSSERS - ATG, Highest SUM of all big hits higher the ranking. HITs written in last is CAREER TOTAL Hits of that star.

From 7-10, Stars who have given ATBB / BB / SH but couldn't give ATG, this is based on Stars who have given ATBB 1st, if not ATBB, given HGOTY & then based on SUM Total if not ATBB/HGOTY like Akki & Ajay are on last 2 positions.

This year & following years, 8 of these stars(Govinda/Anil have stopped coming in lead role/big films) will add up films to this list, it is possible that new gen stars may find a spot in this list, but for that they need to achieve a figure higher than listed stars total only.

* List doesn't include HIT films, total of all hits is listed only.

in General by Location Manager (7.4k points)
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Little bit correction....SRK gave 5 HGOTY not 4....edit it if possible.


DEVDAS is HIT HGOTY, this thread is on ATBB, BB & SH. That's y it is 4.


Oops sry! Got it now...

3 Answers

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Best answer

As expected Megastar SALMAN KHAN is miles ahead of others......!

by Unit Manager (37.7k points)
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+3 votes

Add Tubelight and TIGER ZINDA HAIN

by Executive Producer (62.6k points)

Will do after their result

Salman will be the 1st star to cross 20 in total, post 90 debut all stars......

+2 votes

Nice one but it shows abhisek bachhan has more Atg than Salman , shahrukh, hritik, sunnydeol etc. Hence abhisek is biggest star among all of them haha.

by Location Manager (6.1k points)

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