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Sachin - A Billion Dreams had another good on day two as the Hindi version showed growth of around 10%. The film grossed around 7.75-8 crore nett on Saturday. This is not huge growth but considering the high levels on day one even this growth is good as the film could have easily shown a drop. The two day business for the film is around 15 crore nett in Hindi.
The highest a  documentary has grossed in the last twenty years is 10 lakhs nett and this film is looking at a 23 crore nett plus weekend in its Hindi format. The Tamil and Telugu versions did not grow that well though Marathi version had good upward trend. The two day business of Sachin - A Billion Dreams (Hindi) is as follows.
Friday - 7,25,00,000
Saturday -  7,75,00,000
TOTAL -  15,00,00,000
Pirate Of The  Caribbean  - Salazar's Revenge showed limited growth over the weekend but it is still doing fair business. If the business holds at normal levels through the weekdays it will probably emerge an AVERAGE film. The two day business of Pirates Of The Carribean - Salazars Revenge is as follows
Friday - 4,25,00,000
Saturday -  4,75,00,000
TOTAL -  9,00,00,000
Source Link: http://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=2960
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The most popular Indian ever.......

by Director (123k points)
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Absolutely agree. Most popular.


You know what @Intense, you bring ABD in between everytime, it was fun at start but now it's going too far, i don't care you hate him, abuse him, slap him in public if you have balls or do whatever you wanna do but next time don't bring him in conversations where he doesn't belong or atleast not in my conversation, just remember this..!!
And yes, if you want to bring SRK then it's fine, but i wasn't also saying SRK, but yes SRK is also popular in many countries who have nothing to do with cricket..!!

But if want to know the most popular indian, i suggest you take a look at your currency notes..!!


Rofl, so much offense for abd.. On a serious note sachin is bigger in popularity than gandhi, the new gen might or might not know him but everyone knows sachin.
When obama was prez he knew who sachin was but he dint follow cricket. Daniel radclife(harry potter) stood for lords for sachin's auto.....shows his popularity.


Not at all, as i said, i don't care uif you criticise Abd or abuse him or do whatever, but don't spam under my comments for no reson at all

New gen might not know him..??
Please, new gen or old gen, anyone who ever have held note in his or her hand will eventually cone to know about him, and in overseas too, gandhi is way more widely known then sachin, he gets mention in history books on human history and since, sportsperson doesn't get that press..!!

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Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar still rules...................

by All Time best! (284k points)
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Saw it.......goosebumps..........more than a film, its a celebration of the biggest legend of our times

by Director (128k points)

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