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Impact of 5 Big Stars during 1983-1999

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I have taken 5 big stars as per their debut:

1983 - Sunny Deol

1989 - Salman Khan

1991 - Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn

1992 - Srk


After seeing above charts, it's quite clear now Who DOMINATED as well as who was the BIGGEST STAR of 90's - SALMAN KHAN

For SOME Let's clear it for ONCE:

MPK = Solo Hero

SANAM Bewafa = Solo Hero

HAHK = Solo Hero

before JUDWAA

MAINE PYAR KIYA -- Estimate Footfalls are 4,90,72,000 which is yet unbroken by SRK, AAMIR & Shri. BOBBY DEOL.

asked May 27, 2017 in General by -OmKara- Production Designer (14,114 points)
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edited May 28, 2017 by -OmKara-


Edited, now check


U have posted in whole forum how Salman's 1st Solo HIT is Judwaa, kindly check your facts, MAINE PYAR KIYA was SOLO ATBB DEBUT film as Lead Hero, a Record which is yet to be broken, certainly not by BOBBY DEOL.

MPK = Footfalls = If estimates come true = 4,90,72,000 (Even if ur 4.75 Cr is taken] that is alone so huge, that AAMIR till now hasn't been able to break, Bobby ki toh baat hi kahan.

@Mast Maula

Those are not confirmed HITs, when BOI will update, i will update this table.


Good job buddy.... Still little bit correction required. Salman had 2 BHOTD not 1. Kranti was a blockbuster but MPK was an ATBB... So, obviously MPK was the biggest hit of eighties not Kranti. Let's understand it with a simple example... Jai Ho's ff>>CDI ff.... But it doesn't mean Jai Ho is bigger hit than CDI.. Afterall, verdict matter the most..


Don't worry, when 80's data will be updated on BOI, will update this list. Biggest HIT is given on Footfalls which gives Adj. Nett, in which Kranti is ahead, also i feel it will be upgraded as ATBB like Border.

Hope u get it.

Maybe or may not be...... Till the updation we must go as per old BOI and consider MPK was the biggest hit of 80's...

Anyway, even without that Salman has 2 HGOTD and 1 BHOTD....None from bollywood has ever achieved those...

5 Answers

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Statistics clearly shows that Salman was miles ahead of others till 1999....

Salman - 1
Whole Bollywood - 0

Salman - 1
Others - 0

Salman - 2
Others - 0

Salman - 2
Others - 0

5/6/7cr Footfalls
Salman - 1
Others - 0

Now let some haters appears to blabber utter nonsenses!

answered May 27, 2017 by TIGER- the real king Unit Manager (36,671 points)
selected May 28, 2017 by -OmKara-
+2 votes

I like the way you put tricolour in that table!

answered May 27, 2017 by srk2617 Production Accountant (20,924 points)
+1 vote

O GOD.....the same shit again and again.....

answered May 27, 2017 by anku Location Manager (5,746 points)
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Ok. Lets analyse since SRK debuted and how he dethroned everyone since 1992. I am comparing just with Salman as others are not even comparable.
SRK - 2 Salman - 1

SRK - 3 Salman - 2

Total Hits or above
SRK - 10 Salman - 9

Now if we talk about flops then Salman will be double of SRK.

Everyone knows Salman is much bigger star now but it doesn't mean you will say anything and we will believe you. From 1992 to 2008 , SRK was the king of Bollywood and I firmly believe he will bounce back.

answered May 27, 2017 by Salmirk Assistant Director (41,646 points)

Instead of writing that all stuff..Just say Hum Apke Hain Kaun.....Salman gave 1 huge movie...And u clearly say whole decade belongs to Salman......

overall analysis kro. Bhai..Salman was huge in 90's so as Srk...Total number of movies..Hits and flops....And make a proper analysis

Yes both Salman and srk were huge in nineties.... But if someone try degrade Salman then jawab tih usi hisab se milega bhai.

What is the logic of picking up SRK's Debut & forget about what Salman did before it?

This is insane comparison, then u r comparing only 90's, post debut till now dekh lo, how many how who did?

Selective comparison mein bahut kuch uper nichey ho jayega?

–1 vote

Most of hits are due to others..........Look at his initials and incredible flops.

answered May 27, 2017 by Baazigar All Time best! (283,032 points)

Hahaha..... Initial......chalo thik hai.... Ye lo nineties Salman vs srk opening day comparasion....

1+cr opening collections :
Salman - 3 movies (B no.1, HSSH & Hello brother)
Srk - 3 movies (badshah, koyla & trimurty)

75+ lakhs opening day collections :
Salman - 10 movies
Srk - only 7 movies.

Srk started his career with DEEWANA when RISHI was doing good.

He did Darr when Sunny was in form & film sold on SUNNY's Stardom.

Karan Arjun had bumper opening which had Salman in it, only film which crossed MPK's NETT since SRK started doing films.

KKHH is also huge hit having Salman's contribution.

K3G has 2 big contributions.

TRIMUTHI's 1 Cr opening was not coz of SRK, it was coz of ANIL/JACKIE SHROFF.

Come out of ur bubbly & stop posting fake info buddy.

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