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I agree that SRK was a super star but his attitude and thinking is of Kunal Khemu. This is why he is not a super star today. Purity is must.

If you have watched #Raees and you want ur money back from SRK then RT this. If you liked the film, then like it.

By GOD Ki Kasam SRK's success party would have come superhit in media if he could have called it #Raees flop party Instead of success party.

After flop result of #Raees, SRK has gone out of 3 Khans league n joined Ajay, Akshay, Ranbir, Hrithik n Ranveer singh. Fair enough!

Last 4 films Of SRK- #HappyNewYear- Flop, #Dilwale- Flop, #Fan- Disaster, #Raees- Flop coz it will do lifetime max 150Cr like Dilwale. If Salman khan is the hero in #Raees then 100% it will do 200+Cr business means definitely SRK is not in the league of 3Khans anymore.

Hey SRK fans if SRK is in league of Ajay-Akshay then #Raees is hit n if he is 3rd Khan then #Raees is super flop. Now decide what tag u want

Hey dear SRK fans, you RT this tweet to accept that now SRK is in the league of Ajay n Akshay not 3 Khans n I will declare #Raees super hit.
in General by Unit Manager (39.2k points)
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KRK on 31st March.... "Last night SRK called me n offered me ₹30 Lakhs to destroy @akshaykumar's #toiletekpremkatha but I refused. I say bad about a bad film only."..... Shame on those people who even take KRK's help to bring someone down!


31st march ke baad 1st april aata hai chadarmod.

"People Pls note. It was just April fool joke. @akshaykumar @iamsrk"


Haan main chadarmod main Salman haters ki chadar modta hoon. Koi hai kya yaha pe Salman hater?

P.S- It's a April fool joke.

5 Answers

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Best answer

Later he took a selfie ....
smile plz ...

by Editor (86.2k points)
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SRK is very kind person... controversy...he doesn't take seriously. He never hurt his fans. If he got the chance to meet KRK... he met wid him... irrespective of what KRK professional controversies etc. King... think like King. & Do like King. #Respect&love.


Ghante ka king... shirish ke sath matter hua toh gaya uske paas?? Salman ke sath bhi sirf tv pe confessions deta tha... hes a shallow person thats all... king and all usko suit nahi hota


Shirish ke sath hua.... sure hai... Shirish Ka faltu hoga.
And... Salman ke sath... Salman hi start kiya hoga.
Opposite bi ho sakta hai. Jo thik se koi janta hai.


Ha toh shayad krk bhai hoga srk ka.. isliye woh sab bhul gaya.. hai na??
Kuch toh sense rakh yaar

0 votes

KRK is an attention seeker..He will bad mouth Khans to gain free publicity,,,

by Second Unit Director (74.6k points)

@Tiger bhai in short @Haider is telling that KRK is the Baazigar of social media .. Lol


Its for mods to ban these kind of people in this forum....use to create fan fights


and jab tum ne badla pura kar liya hai..anti srk post nikal time agar retaliation main anti-srk post nai aega to har koi is forum ke krk ke against bolega..At least intense aj bi bolta hai.Add me..I have indulged in many fights with baazigar in past.For me he doesn't exist....


Aapke posts me hamesha sensible reply karunga... It's my promise.

0 votes

Bhai ise paise dikhao, kisi ki bhi burai kar lega .

If srk pays him, august men kahega srk is king, baadshah, rehnuma will crush tepk....... he is an inspiration for our politicians.

by Star (143k points)
–1 vote

Sallu came at par with King Khan in 2014 and the opening of Raees proved that he is still superstar every where.He did not gave 7 consecutive flops and disasters like salman in 90's and over 17 flops in 90's.

by All Time best! (285k points)

Kaisa hai re tu .....


Chandrasur Singh didn't deliver back to back flops like srk.... That’s mean Chandrasur Singh>>>srk.....!

–2 votes

Who cares about that moron.He was paid by rakesh for badmouthing srk.
Raees doing 130+in january having clash and become highest jan grosser is excellent business.

by Production Accountant (24.4k points)

Srkians care about this moron... Srkians ke liye iski baatein patthar ki lakeer hai

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