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KRK roasts Tubelight trailer: ‘Salman Khan is not a Tubelight but a Lallu’.

Call it a roast or spoof, KRK highlighted Salman Khan-starrer trailer's weakness as well as strengths. Here are the top takeaways from Tubelight trailer according to the self-proclaimed film critic KRK

1. Salman Khan is not Tubelight but ‘Lallu’

Salman Khan might be playing a Tubelight in the film, but KRK thinks that the actor is just acting like a Lallu (fool). KRK can’t understand why Salman is acting like a fool like jumping on a bus, running with shoes tied around his neck. In short, KRK seems little impressed with Salman’s goofy act.

2. The “Radio Song” gets a thumbs-up

KRK says that Salman might be acting like a ‘joker’, but the “Radio Song” is nice. And he gives the credit to music composer Pritam for the song

3. Salman Khan-Sohail Khan’s combo has not worked in the past, both Jai Ho and God Tussi Great Ho were super flops

KRK further reminds the viewers that Salman Khan and Sohail Khan’s previous collaborations haven’t worked so far. God Tussi Great Ho that had Salman as an actor and Sohail as a producer didn’t do well. KRK also reminds that Jai Ho was the super flop too.

4. Sohail gets captured by China (China wale Sohail ko pakad ke le gaye)

KRK further takes a dig at Salman when he says that now he will have to save his brother Sohail, but why is Salman acting so weird?

5. KRK gives his final judgement — Tubelight trailer isn’t that good

KRK says that the trailer is not that good. He feels the film will have a fate of Jai Ho and Kabir Khan’s last film Phantom. Both movies tanked at the box office. But KRK is hopeful that the film will do a business of Rs 150-200 crore as it’s releasing on Eid and people will be queuing up outside theatres to watch Bhai’s film. He ends the trailer review on this note that the film will have to earn a minimum of Rs 300 crore to get some profit.

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aasmaan ko dharti pe laane waala chahiye tunna tunaa...hello brother brother


Mat tu maan raha hai krk>>>srk at this moment.... That’s why u r hiding behind krk


chandni raat hai tu mere saath hai


Sorry, main uss type ka nhi hu... Apne jaisa koi aur dhund le apne sath rehne k liye!

7 Answers

–1 vote
Best answer

Dats hilarious and awesome.........but I personally liked the trailer
All salman fans love krk though....dey showered dere love on krk at the time of raees and fan...

by Camera Operator (9.7k points)
selected by

dhik tana dhik tana..........................le le re mazaa re


Apbe jaisa dhund le koi aur... Main tera maza nhi lenewala


tana tana tan tan tara chalti hai kya nau se barah...................................


Sorry, main uss type ka nhi hu... Apne jaisa koi aur dhund le apne sath chalne k liye!

+3 votes

Krk is an attention seeking moron. 280cr is the worst case scenario. Best 350+.

by Star (143k points)

Bhai 280 crore halwa hain kya. Wom below average nikla toh 180 main ruk jayegi


Lag nahi raha hai bhai ki wom average hoga, will be good, haan with bad wom, nothing and no one can save a movie.

+3 votes

In his own world Krk is also greater than Sunny Deol.

by Executive Producer (68.8k points)
+3 votes


Dear Kya Hoga Tumhara
TZH 350 cr ON like Sultan
Tubelight 400 cr ON like Bajrangi Bhaijaan

by Location Manager (7.8k points)
+2 votes

by Editor (86.2k points)

This looks fake bro..............


@Arvind bhai sorry for you ..
i know but it's for some users who understand only troll language ....

+2 votes

Why do you do this?? You are rakhi sawant of this forum. Always seeking attention

by Unit Manager (35.3k points)

Bro don't change his gender ..
call him Krk or some other male names ..


Haha will that hurt his sentiments?

–1 vote

All those salloo fans who were worshipping KRK during Raees time are now enjoying this very much i think...Bechaare Kabhi KRK ke piche, kabhi jaaju ke piche.

by Assistant Director (48.6k points) 1 flag

Its not about Raees..its about hypocrisy.


@rahil ..
Let me tell you what is hypocrisy & who are those hypocrites..
when Krk was bad-mouthing raees against kaabil you were bashing tht moron ..
but when he said bad abt Tubelight which is a Salman khan movie you morons are sharing it here & njoying ..
that's called hypocrisy & you people are called hypocrites .. p


Neither am I enjoying this nor I have shared this. Just tit for tat. Go to sleep kid you are drunk.


I didn't take anybodies name here ...

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