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1. Mili (1975): 8/10 A lesser known film but it came out as a surprise when I watched it. It's an emotional love saga, brilliantly crafted by Hrushikesh Mukharji. When you have rare star casts like Ashok Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, you can expect something unusual from them. And, here it serves its purpose with a lot of smiles and tears. Probably, after a long time, I cried like a child or a broken-heart. That tells the earnest beauty of the film.  
2. Mermaid (2016) (Chinese): 7/10 Hilarious. The best comedy film I've watched of lately and thanks for its Hindi dubbing that makes it even more funny, there're many popular Hindi film dialogues that has been used in this film which is so opt and synced with scenes that it makes you go rofl. My emphasis isn't much on its story because its a sci-fi fantasy film and story is kinda okayish, but its treatment is so fresh that makes it a wholesome entertaining package of two hours. Also, it's highest grossing film of China so you must be wondering why. So, I'm here recommending this movie with a suggestion that please watch its Hindi dubbed only.
in General by Assistant Director (51.9k points)
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No wonder dangal is doing wonders in china
If a average film like Mermaid is their highest grossing film then surely they would love dangal

7 Answers

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1. Get Out (8/10) - Good and engaging mystery movie.

by Director (135k points)
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  1. Sachin - A Billion Dreams [2017] = 8/10 [An experience never to be missed.]

  2. Night of Something Strange [2016] = 1/10 [Atrocious but then the original title was Night of the STDs so it was always aiming to be atrocious.]

  3. Bhale Manchi Roju [2015 - Telugu] = 6/10 [One time watch.]

  4. Kirik Party [2016 - Kannada] = re-watch so will not rate it again.

  5. Phobia [2016] = 6/10 [could've been much better, rated high only for Radhika Apte.]

  6. Hindi Medium [2017] = 6/10 [Second half was the culprit.]

  7. Aftermath [2017] = 4/10 [Boring.]

  8. Remo [2016 - Tamil] = 4/10 [Boring despite Sivakarthikeyan's attempt to save the film.]

  9. Maanagaram [2017 - Tamil] = 6/10 [Somehow felt it to be over rated.]

First Time Watches = Except Kirik Party, rest all of them.

Movie of the Week = Sachin - A Billion Dreams

by All Time best! (257k points)

I'm going home on 31st May. Will be in Patna on 1st June and there's a friend who studies Mass Communication in Patna University, we met over fb, giving me company on watching this movie. So, plan is done.

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Hindi Medium - So a novel concept with great performances but second half being letdown with stretched screenplay.

by Director (132k points)
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Hindi medium- 3/5
Sachin a billion dreams- 4/5
Inglorious basterds- 3.75/5

by Director (127k points)
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Pirates of Carreabean -7/10.Entertaining One Time Watch. 2nd Half was too good

by Producer (102k points)
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Phillauri 6/10
An strictly average film with good performances from both the young Suraj Sharma and Mehrene
Diljit for the first time i thought was just okay in the film he looked kinda lost
Anushka was okay too
All in all only one time watch

Baar Baar Dekho 4/10
There is a reason why i don't like any of the youngsters and the reason is bcoz of the kind of movies they do
This movie is just shit
The songs are good also the visualization
Actually they had a very good plot but they execution was so bad
There is no logic in this crap
Ek baar bhi mat dekhna

by Unit Manager (36.4k points)
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Late to the party.
1. Lahoriye : 2/10 (Feeling way too lineant while giving it 2. Shitty performance coupled with shitty story with good music.)

Movie of Week : None

TV Series
1. Game of Thrones S04 : 10/10
2. Game of Thrones S05 : 10/10
3. Game of Thrones S06 : 10/10

by Super-star (169k points)
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Lahoriye was a time-pass. Saab Bahadar is much better. What you have to say about Ammy Virk? Is he the next big thing..?


Yeah surely he is next big thing. But surprisingly Saab Bahadar didn't do well at BO.

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