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This is a video when KKHH completed 10 years:

Karan - He was sad coz everybody rejected that 2nd character which he wrote in KKHH, at Chunkey's party, Salman went to him & said I WILL do ur film, reason he said coz he like Yash Johar.

SRK: Salman was much bigger star at that time, it was a risk to do that role of that Hero's wife or girl-friend's fiancee. Karan was fortunate for having Salman, when he enters in KKHH, whole film Lights up.

Salman's role was kept as surprise & whoever has watched KKHH, they remember, whole HALL went crazy when he came in Tere Ghar aaya song...... that was Bigger Star Salman in 90's.

in General by Location Manager (7.4k points)
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Bachcha Bachcha knows that Salman>>>>srk in nineties..... Fir srk ya kisi aur se certificate ktu chahiye?

4 Answers

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I myself witnessed it.

by Second Unit Director (71.6k points)
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+4 votes

Not much to differentiate hahk was a much bigger phenemenon than ddlj, i would say both of them were very big back then, bigger than aamir and at par with the likes of sunny

by Star (146k points)
+2 votes

Dude SRK during Raees said that he is biggest star of the world.
So if you agree with him on this and I will agree with him on KKHH statement.

by Director (133k points)
–2 votes

Stars don't have much knowledge about box office.KKHH footfalls were equal to combined collection of salman 3 successes in 1998.

by All Time best! (285k points)

I Can have zillion comparisons like this, u will scratch your head:

HAHK Footfalls > All Srk films released before that

Sultan's Footfalls more than Double of combined 2016 Srk films.

Don't be selective in choosing what's best for ur star.

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