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+4 votes
Her Biggest HIT in 80's were

Ram Lakhan - 9 Cr - Super Hit

Tezaab -  8 Cr - Blockbuster

Then came working with KHANS

with Aamir Khan = Dil = 10 Cr = Super Hit

with Salman Khan = HAHK = 72 Cr = ATBB

with SRK = DTPH = 34 Cr = BB

in 90's

Big Hits were

Beta = 13 Cr = Blockbuster

Khalnayak = 12.50 Cr = Super Hit

Saajan = 10 Cr = Super Hit

Where was her STARDOM when she couldn't crossed MPK = 14 Cr = ATBB status in HIT as well as Footfalls?

Why her biggest hit HAHK is with Salman Khan & not any other bigger star including other khans?
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-Omkara- bhai ...+1.... infinite to your post ...


Thx Bhai


Man you can't change the reality.he was giving back to back disasters with pathetic opening.HAHK saved him and judwaa established him.Thats it.he is 2010 superstar.Madhuri was bigger than Khans till 1994 giving blockbuster with Sanjay in raja while salman was busy giving solo flops.



SRK has also 6

Bol toh dikha do list?

What happen to SRK, who can't even given 1 ATBO more than Salman?

Kabhi Bobby deol ko layega, kabhi opening ki baat, kabhi khud bhul jayega ki MPK, SANAM BEWAFA, HAHK were SOLO Hero films before Judwaa?

What's ur problem man?

5 Answers

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Best answer

According to srkians HAHK was successful bcz of Madhuri.... But but they forget Srk has delivered 2 HGOTY (ww) with Madhuri... Indirectly they admit that their favourite star has ZERO stardom... He delivered couple hits only bcz of big actresses like Madhuri, Kajol, Deepika etc....

by Unit Manager (39.2k points)
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+3 votes

Bhai you trolled poor Baazigar & party ..
for that you deserves a ..

by Editor (86.2k points)

Aye Sabasss......


What troll you don't want to see the reality.His next 2 were disasters and flops till he was established as a solo hero in Judwaa.He was a lucky actor without HAHK he would have retired.


Baazigar ..
fact is that Salman has ATBB prior to HAHK (MPK) as well as after HAHK(BB) ..
Madhuri dixit has only ATBB to her credit that sums it all ..
regarding Raja that movie worked due to Hit music, decent story just like Bobby deol's debut movie Barsaat worked .. p
lastly Madhuri wasn't even the 1st choice for HAHK ..
after huge success of HAHK why Sooraj didn't casted her in his nxt movies where as Salman was there even b4 HAHK as well as after HAHK..

+2 votes

40 flops including 10 disasters

by Executive Producer (68.8k points)

you are talking about Salman...............................


Answering the question

+2 votes

Simple baat hai. Madhuri was a female superstar no doubt, but salman srk ke saath kaam kar ke hi she became a legend.......khans gave her that glory not vice versa.
Salman had given an atbb with mpk and some hits like pkp, saajan, sanam bewafa before hahk too.

by Star (143k points)

Undoubtedly Madhuri was the no.1 female star of nineties.... Infact she deserves equal credit for HAHK's success IMO..... But iss tarah ka post banana padta hai... U know the reason..


I know man, dont know why is someone so frustrated all the time.
Madhuri was a top star, very talented, but take out salman, srk from her filmography, even aamir's dil, it starts to look ordinary.


0 votes

Salman was lucky to have HAHK.HAHK is once in a lifetime film in career.And Madhuri demolished Salman.Salman next 2 films were disasters man

by All Time best! (285k points)




Below Average

Does this make SRK less?

BIG B had 14 straight FLOPS in his initial Career, with your logic we should not even consider him any star?

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