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Top Superstars of Nineties were Sunny,SRK and Govinda while Ajay ruled interiors.Top Superstar of Single screen Era was Shah Rukh who dominated Domestic,Overseas and Worldwide.

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In 2000-2009 he gave 4 hits including 2 solo hits and he is considered as biggest wow.Dharam late in his career gave 7 Hits in 1987 from which 4 were major hits.Amitabh gave 5 Hits in 1978 with 1 ATB and 2 blockbusters having footfalls over 15 crores.Inko bolte hain superstar.He is 2010 star which is proved by facts


And his disasters got less than 10 lakh footfalls and sometimes even less than 5 lakh.Whata pathetic initial pull.


Maybe u r right... But atleast our Bhai didn't work in po-rn movies for money unlike others

6 Answers

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In nineties Chandrasur Singh delivered only 4 flops but Srk delivered 12 flops. According to this FLOPS wala logic Chandrasur Singh>>>>>>>>>Shahrukh Khan.... LMAO!

by Unit Manager (39.2k points)

Hahaha. What an answer


Thanks bhai..

+4 votes

Kidding yourself miyan? Salman, srk, sunny were the top ones in 90's, ajay and akshay and govinda did well in interiors.

As a kid, I still remember, salman was the most popular star back then, bad phase was there due to personal issues and poor choices. What happened in the past does not matter now, what matters is today salman is a beast at the box office.

by Star (143k points)
+4 votes

The madness in the theater when Salman came out in KKHH has not been emulated ever by Salman himself

by Executive Producer (69.1k points)

I know many people who saw kkhh wanted anjali to marry aman instead of rahul.....enjoyed a lot of charm amongst the ladies.

+3 votes

So Salman delieverd 14 flops out of 31 movies while srk gave 12 out of 28 movies if he had debut in 1990 he must have 4-5 extra flops more than Salman khan in short srk have 23 flops out of 62 movies while Salman have 32 out of 73 but don't worry this record will be beaten by duniya ka sabse bada superstar having 3.7 bill fans like you who all the time bark over twitter and forum but don't go to cinema to watch his movies

by Production Accountant (25.8k points)
+1 vote

Sir aap past me hi reh gaye.. please move on... abhi kya ho raha hai dekh lijiue

by Unit Manager (35.3k points)

He is not even in the 90's, he is in the 70's, in dharam paaji and big b era.


Yeah its time he moves on....

+1 vote

kyue soye hue shero ko jga RHA h.....

vrna.....aisi halat ho jyegi ki aage se gila or piche se pila ho jyega....

by Assistant Director (49k points)

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