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3rd grade site.It has lost all credibility and their admins are absolutely  shameless people.
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Bloody jelous jerks they must hire maths english and geography teachers for btr performance.

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And you are here teaching BOI that 250 crs in China will be done through subtitles released, then why don't you give some proof and tell them, so that they can change it, instead of just declaring things on internet, and plus, please, do add proof that 250 crs will be done in subtitles, it's per forum rules


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In major cities,80-90% shows r with subtitle version.
In Guangzhou,for eg-out of 136 cinemas, only 1 cinema is playing mandarin version while rest r all subtitle release.Mandarin version is predominantly playing in tier2 and 3 cities,while major cities which wld amount to major collns r almost all subtitle version.