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BOI has updated their way of comparing movie collections after humongous success of Dangal and Baahubali 2 in languages other than Hindi. Hence they have decided to compare only Hindi version collections of all movies irrespective of where the movie is made i.e. Bollywood , Hollywood, Tollywood etc.  This makes even grounds of comparison of all movies success. Hence Baahubali 2 record is 500cr nett and not 1000cr nett in India which was impossible to break in next 5-10years. Dangal overseas collections are 30.7m$ and not 158m$(unachievable). Hence the game is fair now. But BOI also acknowledges other version collections which they included in box office note. And also may be they will make an all versions worldwide list soon for movies. But that will be controversial because people will again shout whether to include Tollywood movies or not. Because they are also of India and the site is Box office india, not box office bollywood. Hence BOI is not in a state of including all versions collections. So rather than showing them as hypocrites, try to see them as fair play makers and great reporters.

Hence there is no need to fight as they are not wrong. Also everyone knows what Dangal has achieved and what Tubelight can achieve in China, hence be happy.
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not blaming BOI of being hypocrites.....they used to do this for Tamil Telugu before also.......but what i don't like is not reporting Worldwide figures.....actually competition should be abt WW figures.....n the one which gets WW highest should be considered as actually the biggest grosser of Bollywood.....not that only domestic can help u achieve this title


Actually this will create a lot of problems. They will have to increase their budgets as dubbing in Mandarin with big stars takes a lot of money. Also there is a lot of promotions involved. Then release costs and all. Hence taking only hindi versions makes it easier


u hv a point........but.........u hv a point

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Globalization ke zamane mein BOI 20th century jaisa behave Kar raha hai . Language is just a medium and a film is much more than its medium . Art has no language , even if they play the film muted , it should be taken into consideration ..because in art we trust , not in the type of the paper on which it is drawn .

answered by Producer (118k points)
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BAHUBALI 1 & 2 both are TELUGU Films, then they are dubbed in HINDI, TAMIL & MALAYALAM. If Dubbed policy is changed for HINDI film dubbed in other language, it should also be applied to BAHUBALI 2, remove it from HINDI listing, it ain't any HINDI Film, is TELUGU film dubbed in HINDI.

Apply policy for all, not just OS films.

answered by Location Manager (7k points)

They are not considering the origin of the movie whether its Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English. They are just taking Hindi version collections of all movies which are released in Hindi. So Baahubali 2 is also such case. Hence they are taking Hindi collections of Bahubali 2.


It's contradicting. They object if HINDI Film is dubbed in other language, but they will include a other language film DUBBED in HINDI?

Yeh kaisa logic hua bhai?

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Agree with the Charlie bro & addition to that when you don't have proper source to track overseas Collection, BOI doesn't have any idea that Dangal was a subtitles release in Taiwan & 2ndly even in China Dangal have two versions 1st one was dubbed mandarin & 2nd was with subtitles and just because of BOI poor look both versions doing equally excellent business but here BOI only motive to try anything to pull Aamir khan from the top...

answered by Director (127k points)

But even after that Aamir is at top still fan of other bollywood actors who cant reach at top are dancing without innerwears when their stars are behind Aamir even in this way.

I pity on these people.

Later we will see akshay fans also celebrating bcz of more quantity of hits so what if top position wont belong to akshay.

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