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Prior to TUBELIGHT's CHINA release, BOI Change it's policy not to include CHINA Figures for all films? Views

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I think having local chinese actress in Tubelight & story having base on indo-china war, a bumper response was expected from CHINA for TUBELIGHT after the grand success of Aamir's DANGAL recently..... so BOI Changed their policies so that now even if TUBELIGHT does wonder in CHINA, it won't make any difference in OS & WW Tables.........

It's not Aamir, it's Salman they fear the most.....TUBELIGHT might have challenged BAHUBALI 2 WW total with it's china release....

Nice strategy...... In every way, now SRK has some chance to top OS table, $ 30 M will be in reach for him.... CHINA he has failed badly, so reduce all.... only thing BOI Cares, SRK's OS stardom.
asked May 24, 2017 in General by -OmKara- Production Designer (15,805 points)
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Without China. All three Khan's are same in overseas. Who is above... depends on good n strong content movie. Time has gone to say no one can beat SRK in overseas.
Amir started big 3 idiots and lil late for Salman with Bhajrangi Bhaijaan.
More or less all 3 are equal. DILWALE did 26+ mn with clash and Raees 14+mn ... so they just need good apealling movie to get on top.

Note:- If China included AMIR is no.1 no doubt .

answered May 24, 2017 by Agan Executive Producer (65,016 points)
selected May 25, 2017 by -OmKara-

Honest Answer

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It's not Aamir , It's Salman they fear the most.... TUBELIGHT might have challange Baahubali 2 WW total with its China release..

Kya baat kya baat kya baat

answered Mar 7 by deepak_bishty Director (131,558 points)

BB Success in CHINA itself is a proof that in future Salman films will be bigger, tune ye thread pe reply karke khud troll hone ke liye invitation de diya.....

If a Rejected SS can score big in CHINA, i am sure TL will do good in CHINA.

For the screens and for the kind of movie Bajarangi is, definitely a moderate success that's it, nothing more and apart from Bajarangi salman films like tzh, kick etc won't appeal to chinese so there is no question of him topping there...

And SS u call it rejected the trending in china is better than Bajarangi(Forget opening as it is mostly on star power)...

You can't call an avg business film in India as Rejected.... Then drishyam is rejected so is padman etc.. This movies are made with limited budget for limited audience.....

Just for your knowledge omkara Tubelight was rated by 6 people as of now with the rating of 4.4% while Salman latest release Tzh , only two people interested to see the movie one is Salman himself & 2nd one is Ali Abbas I think le Bhai kat yahan bhi dhokha de gayi.
And we'll everyone knows here who is badly trolled with this post Baahubali 2 WW total hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha

Had bajarangi released 6 months after it's release like Dangal or Secret, It would have wrapped up around 40cr. It's a fact. Now makers are releasing it after 3 years when they saw aamir films doing so well...

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Tubelight challenged 10 year old Ghajini so boi was afraid!.

answered Mar 7 by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (76,894 points)
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Babu bhai style mein


answered Mar 7 by bollyranga Production Designer (12,981 points)
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Even by not considering China in overseas srk can't topple Salman and amir in overseas again srk now onward will remain 3rd khan in every department of records be it India or overseas

answered May 24, 2017 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (24,753 points)
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BOI is not included dubbed languages colletions because movie dubbed in china his name was change.
And another logic is BOI is not included tamil and telugu dubbed collection.
1. BOI is include only hindi collection.
2. In overseas BOI only consider english collection.

answered May 24, 2017 by Ashish Location Scout (3,324 points)

Then tell me one thing ashish bhai then y the hell BOI including Bhahubhali 2 dubbed version (Hindi) in record books even boi is 100% aware of that it is not Hindi movie it is regional big bonanza y the violating their own rules for Bhahubhali 2

Bro Baahubali the conclusion movie dubbed in hindi. And after sometimes BOI remove it . Its official wait and watch.

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