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Was Chennai Express a record opener??? [closed]

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2012 - ETT collected 30.61cr on opening day.

2013 - Chennai Express collected 30.48cr on opening day.

But according to some srkians Chennai Express is a record opener. Its seems srkians think 30.48cr>>>>>>>30.61cr...........!

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asked May 24, 2017 in Trolls by TIGER- the real king Unit Manager (37,681 points)
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closed May 24, 2017 by suhas

Since 2013, this topic has been beaten to death. So no need to revive it & beat it to death.

You've provided the answer to your question. So what "new" answer are you expecting?

This is irrespective of the question being listed in Troll section.

Do reply, but not by making a separate post.

But if someone try to nake it alive it by posting nonsense then we have every right to troll him... Aap ye haq humse mat chheno yaar!

Suhas bhai...ye haq mat chhino isse.....agar fir se ye frustatiya gaya to downvotes button daba daba ke suicide kar lega...

Ye dekho chomu ne frustration me aake Chennai Express ko bhi record opener bol diya... And dusro ko frustrated bol raha hai... Hahaha.

Mene toh bas down vote kiya (cz I don't care about points) but tu points badhane ke chakkar mein 10-12 ids banake forum se lath maarke nikal diya gaya tha

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Yes It Was. It Had Just Edged Past Ek Tha Tiger. Both Of Them Were Further Smashed On Non-Holiday By Dhoom : 3.

answered May 24, 2017 by Rajat Production Accountant (27,889 points) 1 flag

I said i was(& still am) occasionally active there because of lenient rules. 3500 answer+comments in 2 years on ***** compared to 5000 answers+comments in 4 months here. See the difference.

Then what's the need of leaving this forum? Yehi pe 3500 ans+cmnts kar deta!

Abe kitne sawaal karega....meri marzi mai jo bhi karu....so jao ab.

Hahaha.... Tune baat hi aisi boli akhir... Study ka bhi koi excuse deta hai kya?

Okay, so jaa ab.. G.N.