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+3 votes
The titles are
in General by Unit Manager (36.5k points)
99% Accept Rate

in sab title to gol kar k .... kachray k dabbay main phaink do..........future main .... ye title varun dhawan etc k liye use kiye jayeinge forcefully..... and it will be an insult to the current stars..... !!


Officialy titles toh abhi khans ke liye bhi use nhi hote
Varun ya kisi bhi naye actor ki aukat hi kya hai

7 Answers

+3 votes
Best answer

MEGA STAR - Amitabh Bachchan/ Salman Khan
SUPERSTAR - Rajesh Khanna/ Shahrukh Khan
POWER STAR - Dharmendra/ Sunny deol
STYLISH STAR - Dev Anand/ Hrithik Roshan
A1 STAR - Dilip Kumar/ Aamir Khan ..

by Editor (82.6k points)
edited by
+5 votes

Megastar- amitabh bacchan/ salman khan/ aamir khan
Superstar- shahrukh khan, rajesh khanna, jeetendra
Powerstar- dharmendra
Stylish star- Dev anand, vinod khanna, hrithik roshan
A1 star- dilip kumar, ashok kumar, raj kapoor

by Director (127k points)
+2 votes

All in one Aamir Sir!...............

by Second Unit Director (76.1k points)

yeah lord of cosmos.........................17 hits or 12 hits

+2 votes

I can't say for others but Salman is a megastar

by Assistant Director (55.6k points)
+1 vote

I personally do not believe in all these labels, because then they can get away from the real purpose and people can just give any title they want, diluting the meaning of the word. Just like how we have a truckload of verdicts, they should just be Blockbuster, Hit, Average, and Flop. The titles should be: Superstar, Star, and Actor/Actress.

From the ones you have listed above, I only believe in superstar. In bollywood, I would give that title to Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, and Shah Rukh Khan. Though I believe SRK is just one poor opening/underperformer away from losing that title.

by Assistant Director (44.3k points)

Very well said
+1 for honest answer

0 votes

Megastar is only Salman Khan
Superstar are Amir and srk khan
Powerstar are Sharm hi/sunny
Stylish star is hrithik
A1 star Amitabh,Yousuf khan and rajini

by Production Accountant (24.4k points)
edited by

From bollywood only bro pawan kalyan is from tollywood i know originally its his title but still whom will you give the powerstar title in bollywood

0 votes

It will be difficult to give title megastars to actors who make it big after so many years.

by All Time best! (283k points)

Yes... Absolutely true.... Megastar title should be given to Salman Khan only....who made it hugeeee with his debut movie...... ATBB, HGOTD, BHOTD, HGOTY etc....!

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