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Suraj mera chadta dhalta,gardish mein karte hai taare dangal dangal dangal dangal.
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Aamir Khan’s Dangal has finally overtaken Baahubali 2 worldwide gross after its China release. The film is now the highest Indian worldwide grosser of all time.

Dangal has also crossed 1500 crores mark today while BB2 did it yesterday. But Dangal has taken a lead today and will continue to do so in coming days. China gross has also surpassed the first phase collection from all over the world. It clearly shows the potential of the Chinese market.


1st Phase: 736.16
Taiwan: 25.78*
China: 753.08
Total: 1515.02 Cr

Looking at the trend Dangal will finish in the range of 1800 cr and has chances to touch 2000 cr mark after release in other territories. On the other hand, Bahubali 2 will finish at 1550-1600 cr after the first phase. And then it will be BB2’s China release (later in July) which will decide the winner of the battle for all time number one film.

Day Collection (m) INR (cr)
Total $116.83 million 753.08 cr
Day 1 $2.27 14.67
Day 2 $4.69 30.30
Day 3 $5.55 35.86
1st Weekend $12.51 80.83
Day 4 $5.78 37.23
Day 5 $3.52 22.58
Day 6 $3.88 24.89
Day 7 $3.90 25.02
1st Week $29.59 190.55
Day 8 $6.12 39.27
Day 9 $13.66 87.66
Day 10 $12.53 80.24
2nd Weekend $32.31 207.17
Day 11 $4.95 31.73
Day 12 $4.92 31.54
Day 13 $4.20 26.92
Day 14 $3.73 24.08
Day 15 $6.02 38.80
Day 16 $16.16 104.16
Day 17 $12.64 81.47
3rd Weekend $34.82 224.44
Day 18 $3.50 22.58


Ukaad feka BB2 ko 15 days mein.

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25 years of Aamir's cult classic JO JEETA WOHI SIKANDAR which was successful commercially as well as critically


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Much better movie than Bahubali so it is well deserved

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I Hope Dangal stays on top even after BahuBali 2's phase 2 release. Anyway we should be proud of both movies.

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Congo to Aamir sir

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Wow amazing congrats to all aamir fans
Aamir khan has made bollywood proud
Also just a month ago we didn't have a 800cr film now we have two 1500cr films
What a feat for indian cinema

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Some actor performs better in boxoffice, some actors are better in acting, some actors are better in selecting script, some are better in Indian box-office, some are better at overseas boxoffice and then we have this legend "Aamir Khan" who rules everywhere.

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Waiting for the day.... arrived

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Dangal record will stand for 10 years, even toh wont break it. What an acheivement.

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Aamir Khan The One Man Industry. Take A Bow, Ace.

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