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As China is a Democratic country every kind of religion is there There are approx 20 mil approx Muslims of different Asian countries working in China I think Muslim community is contributing huge in the success of Dangal as compare to Chinese cinema goers what do you think about that?
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Tiger bhai sabse pehle usne Aamir ko ghasita i admire and respect salman and kabhi koi negetive comment nahi karta bina wajah par tanveer ke comments dekho woh baar baar Aamir pe attack kar raha hai


Woh mujhe force kar raha hai salman pe comment karne ko actually woh mujhe apne jaise neeche level pe gira raha hai ideally i dont like in indulging in such debates bt he is forcing me.

Anyways i rest my case here itself in case im not provoked further!


@rancho, sorry for being harsh.... I shouldn't have used "tu tu" kind of terms for you.


Its ok tiger never mind

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Audiences throng to watch a movie without a thought on anything other than entertainment and the movie which fulfills a need in the audience 's heart succeed

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A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E . . . N.O.N.S.E.N.S.E

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just because we Indians hailed Baahubali success to Hindutva, you don't have any right to make such comment on any other film.

And China is a democratic country... ? Illiterate ho kya ?
Their majority Muslim audience lives in oppressed eastern region of Xinxiang which is a battlefield.. Recently Chinese govt has ordered DNA testing of Muslims living in this region.
And dangal is doing its business mainly from Beijing, Gaungzou region where you don't find big Muslim number

This is the forum of bollywood of India. How dare you ask question as if you are in any Islamic country... Moron !!!!

Khan's are superstar in a country where majority is Hindu. This is the greatness of this country...
This can happen only in India.

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there is hindutva factor in baahubali success... i have given detailed view,. if you want, check.


Log entertainment ke liye films dekhte hai...Ye hindutva/islamutva kuch nhi hai...warna baba Gurmeet's MSG series India ka sabse bade blockbusters hotey instead of Baahubali.... MSG movies me hundred times more hindutva things the!


People ke opinion's sune hain tune ?

Log entertainment ke liye films dekhte hai...Ye hindutva/islamutva kuch nhi hai.
Ye bolane ke liye bahut achcha lagta hogan. Itna hi jaruri hain na to jara ghar ke bahar aakar rightist se milo.

Rahim ki bat alag hain, uske bhakt uski movies haryana mein kaise dekhte hain, yeah tuze haryana mein aakar dikhega... Haryana, Punjab jao Kabhi.



Mila bhi hai and dekha bhi hai.... Rightist wale B2 se jyada Shivaay ke liye mehnat kiya tha... PK and Dangal ke against mahino tak campaigns chalaya tha... But we all know Shivaay vs Pk/Dangal results...!

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China is a democratic country.............Its a communist country where Muslims are tied with many restrictions which I don't want to talk about.

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If that wld have been the case MNIK WLD have been an ATBB there,but ironially it was an AT Disaster there with 0.11M$(Rs.50 LACS) LT

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