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falsest news .......... dangal is playing on almost 70000 shows daily , how can they top that???

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And Tiger Zinda Hai will be widest in USA facing Star Wars E08. Give me one good reason Tubelight will have 1/10th shows of Transformers 5 whom.it is clashing.

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yeah that is what they wanted.... it to release alongside domestic release but they are not given their desired release date...... trnsformers is 2nd highest grossing film franchise in china so they would want it to get maximum shows..... so tubelight getting 23 or 25th of june release is not gonna be possible....


Jatinder bhai,Dangal topping 125M$ in china in 3 weeks.


Haan toh?????????


Kaun tod payega yeh overseas record,aap ki nazar mein.

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