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Dangal did the impossible.3 weeks mein ukhad feka crapbali ko.Cinetrack is predicting close to 175M$ in china.BB2 cld need 50M$ in phase2(even 5M$ looks a daunting task).Yeh record todega kaun?Overseas record ab nahi tootne wala ages tak.


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Pure Worldwide box office ka king kaun

(Inspired from the dailogue- Mumbai Ka King Kaun Bhiku Mhatre from satya by manoj bajpayee)

Only Aamir can now make and break his records

Btw fake calculations of baahubali 2 exposed!

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Kyo nahi tutega ? Aamir Khan is not retiring after Dangal.

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Crapbali..?? lol

That's why you guys are called what..?? DUMMIES..!! yes..!! that..!!

Now let's get this straight..!!

Dangal's record is maybe untouchable in China, but we'll see if any movie of any star can come close to what Bahubali did in India plus even in overseas minus china it is way ahead of every other movie, so, be nice, cause china is very unpredictable market, you never know which movie might click there, even Hollywood doesn't know the answer, but we know in india, which movie is going to rule for a long long time..!!

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But see trending in China, 2nd/3rd saturdays going bigger then whole first weekend, ok, aamir is popular but my main point is that chinese have no star system like india, you your self said they are non traditional market, so far aamir has been super successful, but how can you say that in a market like china there won't be any other movie which might get WOM even better then Dangal..??

In india, we can pin point few top stars and say that only these few stars can make or break records, same perception don't work on china

If you don't agree with me then kindly explain Dangal's china trending,despite aamir's popularity in china, you can't explain this sort of trend..!!


3 idiots was the far superior product than Dangal & also appreciated more by the Chinese...
But why it can't able to earn more because Aamir was not that popular than in future you can see some other star movies to get acceptance in China but it will collect in same range what Aamir films are doing...


But for that, u need a base and a basic content.Ofcourse i agree that these nos. are due to movie itself but base was there due to Aamir's stardom.Same is the case with BB2 in hindi version.Base was BB1.BB1 even being a superior film didn't do like BB2 in hindi version.So,someone out of blue can do something like 20-25M but not 160M. in china.First weekend was less coz GOTG2 (hollywood biggie) released the same day and shows were less.From the first day itself,occupancy was better than GOTG2.


it's not crapbali is stupidbali lol.. Ace is god........... proved

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