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As you all know that we are in process of organising an IPL bidding like competition on forum, idea by user puneet shukla who also posted about it here http://forums.itsboxoffice.com/571562/interested-organising-bidding-forum-interested-please-revert 

Now we have gotten many registerations but we would like more and more users to compete in it, so any one who is interested in it can regecenister, to make things more easier tounderstand, here is the blueprint of the bidding competition, designed by punet.


Bidding would be like what it happens in IPL auction

There would be 8 Teams and each team will have to make team of 15 Players each

In Players there can be Max number of 6 Overseas Players

Each team should have Atleast 6 Batsman 2 All-rounders and 5 Bowlers. A Wicket Keeper would be counted among batsman but each team should have Atleast one Wicket Keeper

Each Team would be given a purse of 100 CR to do bidding and construct the team

Every Player would be Divided in Slots like it happened in BOX OFFICE BATTLE Bidding

Every Player would be given a Rating Points based on his Performance in IPL T20s ,his overall impact on the team and the game in general will also be counted and he will be given ratings according to it

The Team having maximum points after fulfilling the required criteria for making a Team would be declared winner

For eg- Team A has scored 1400 points by taking 15 Players which turns out to be highest but it doesn't fulfill the criteria of having 6 Overseas Players and/or any of other criteria like 6 Batsman, 5 Bowlers, 2 All-rounders and 1 WK then they won't be declared winner, so construct your team after keeping criteria in mind

If Two teams are tied at equal points then the team which will have more money left will be Winner
Also make sure to bid big but also sensible, not only you have to buy 15 players in under 100 crs but also you will have to make sure that your team is completing the mentioned criteria, and also do not spend all of your money on a single player, while higher ratings = more points but it mght also mess up with your remaining auction & team.
So here is the blueprint of our bidding auction and also rules. now it might sound little tough and challenging, but then that will be real competition with challenge of getting team with most points yet also build a team which completes the criteria and also saving you enough money in case of a tie.
Once we get enough users, we will divide them into different teams, and we will have exciting team names and in case of many users, we can have 2-3 users as owners of team.
We hope for good amount of participation and a succesfull competition, thank you for your time, and thanx to puneet shukla for coming up with this idea.
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Uhh so we already know Warner, bhuvi, unadkat, stokes will have maximum points butthe question is who wins them by making sensible bidding.


Unadkat won't have maximum points.Points are decided on basis of Performance and overall impact in last 3-4 years
Anyways it's all about smart and sensible bidding to make overall score highest provided you have fulfilled the criteria


Are you gonna give us the list of how many points each player with contribute to your team?


Bhai we will give you list of 200 players and every player will have a Rating. You have to make team of 15 out of them so that your points is maximum. It's so simple mahn

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Thank You Thunderbird
Hoping to get good amount of Registration

by Producer (102k points)
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+2 votes

Chalo bhai... seems refreshing

by Unit Manager (30.1k points)
+2 votes

Got it. Looks interesting, will register for sure.

by Director (121k points)

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