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Highest gap without success for Aamir- never more than 1 yr (no success in 1989,1994,2000,2005,2011)

Highest Gap without hit 2 years (2011-2012)

Highest gap without blockbuster- 8 yrs (1997-2001, 2005-2007)
asked in Box Office Related by Casting Director (16k points)
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So happy that a dickhead got jelous and gave me downvote

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I wonder why no one points out that just like srk, aamir never really had a bad phase as such. A spate of disasters after qsqt aside, he has been consistent, he wasnt as big as salman or srk in the 90's, but was consistently in the top3, and got premium ads too.

Since 2000, he hasnt given a flop, he is a box office monster.

answered by Cinematographer (92.8k points)
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Ofcourse legendry dilip sahab cant be compared with any one else his consistency is unparalleled he had 50% hit ratio in those days it was big achivement to have even hit and he gave many blockbusters as well (24 hits 5 semi hits as per boi) im just saying that rajesh khanna also has a good record of 20-25 hits overall career wise.

Yes i knw its 15 back to back success.

And now BOI does not considers semi hits as hits or else earlier they said dharam had 45 hits and amitabh 35 so now since semi hit will be excluded their hits will be little less than 40 (amitabh is still active so he would be able to catch dharam)

bhai Amitabh ki film kaunsi hai ab.??....even Piku had him in a supporting role.......n TOH will not hv him more than 20mins, that only if he is lucky ..my guess ....last clean Hit he had i think was Baghban

Bro thats not the matter in real terms he has 30 hits but Boi adds even supporting roles even for major blockbusters just check his filmography so overall he will be at par with dharam by the time career ends may be 38/39 hits for both.
But dharam did 250 movies amitabh will end up with 175.

hmm.....BOI ka to dimagh khrab hai

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A great record considering amount of releases..

answered by Unit Manager (30.8k points)
–2 votes

12 saal bad blockbuster.yeh kaun superstar hai...................

answered by All Time best! (282k points)

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