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asked in Movie Discussions by Camera Operator (8.8k points)
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Answer to your question:

I'm not surprised by this post because it always theories after theories when it comes to Aamir. I know exactly why.

Na bhai intense....i dunt need any points....u can even take my 5k points
Nikeel....its not jealousy...aamir khan is just overrated n considered bigger dan salman n srk by aamir fans wen its not true

Wrong. Put srk.in.dangal and.the film would be at best.....average.........bas.
Aamir chooses good scripts and he has the power to make them work too. Srk ka to naam mat le bhai....i like him too....but he doles out one crap after the other.

Fans support deir idol in their bad time tooo......except for sum fan base who only follow the actor for his boxoffice accomplishments

7 Answers

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Best answer

Well Sallu bhai did post about Thugs on social media, that probably made the buzz go huuuuge.

answered by Production Accountant (29.1k points)
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Dont know what to say on reading your answers.

Don't say anything. Just join the cause and help us awaken others as well.

+4 votes

Answer is Aamir Khan. He is the reason film looking too big and expectations are really high.

answered by Production Designer (13.8k points)
+3 votes

due to yrf.
Amit ji has zero valu businesseise.
katrina has some,but it is aamir mainly with yrf.

answered by Production Accountant (23.5k points)
+3 votes

TOH shooting is not yet start & Bajaj Scooter is already punctured...
Sadly nowadays even a Varun Dhawan, Ranbir kapoor film is generating more buzz compare to Srk movies...
Poor guy only survive due to opening (Opening consist of big contribution of birthday/wedding party dance performance fees)..

answered by Director (124k points)

Tere daddy ka pump puncture hua hoga jo tujh jaisa ladhka bheja iss duniya me ....ja check karle.

Mere daddy ka hua hoga tabhi me aaya but tere time me kis kiska hua tha...
Ja Google kar shayad video sideo mil jaye.

+2 votes

Has anushka sharma made rehnuma look big? Has tanu weds manu blockbuster director made dwarf film big? Did the make up artist make fan look big?

I don't understand how old are you bro to make up such ridiculous questions. All 3 khans dont need anyone to look big, they run the industry, its an honour for kat and victor to be working with aamir again...........as for Big B, he is a legend and has nothing to prove.

answered by Cinematographer (95.7k points)
+2 votes

Why to multiply when you can add? Its the combination of all of 'em.

answered by Director (134k points)
+1 vote

its actually the entire thing...the whole packkaaaaage

.... the the scale + interesting premise + chori based movies have always been hugely popular .....

if there were no amitab and katrina....movie's anticipation still would have been as huge as it is now ....... even with aamir alone.....,

plus let me also clarify

movie's such huuuuuuuuugely high anticipation is not only and only due to aamir khan.....

aamir's movies only on his alone star power get good amount of anticipation .... but not great.... the last movie which got huge anticipation only due to aamir khan was ghajini. rest all were good to very good.... in terms of anticipation .....

his movies grow almost exponentially from friday to sunday , which lead to huge weekend and lifetime.... WOM starts coming into play as even the very first day progresses. but opening day does not show record breaking footfalls.

answered by Director (140k points)

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