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+2 votes
Mine is

Rajesh Khanna
Aamir Khan
Ranbir kapoor

asked in General by Production Designer (15.8k points)
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10 Answers

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Best answer

Don't have any favorite before khan era
Khan era= Aamir Khan
Post Khan era= Varun Dhawan

answered by Camera Operator (10k points)
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+3 votes

Pre khan era- Salman khan
post khan era- salman khan

answered by Location Manager (5k points)
+2 votes

Amitabh Bachchan.

answered by Assistant Director (42.8k points)
+2 votes

Don''t really have a favourite in first era
2nd era: SRK
3rd era: Varun

answered by Production Accountant (22.1k points)
+1 vote

Pre Khan era - none

Khan era - SRK

Post khan era - Hahahahaha

answered by Super-star (189k points)


Hhahahahahaha, tb call them the 3 jokers

+1 vote

1) Rajesh khanna, dev anand, dilip kumar
2) I admire big b, wont call myself a fan

3) I used to like salman and SRK as a kid, then Srk and hrithik and aamir..............now I like all 3 khans and hr......................fan wars ke chakkar men hi bolte hain hum ye sab.

answered by Editor (87.8k points)
+1 vote

Yousuf khan/Amitabh, Salman Khan ,Varun dhawan

answered by Casting Director (16k points)
+1 vote

Amitabh Bachchan
Salman Khan

answered by Camera Operator (11.9k points)
+1 vote

post salman khan .........

amitab bachan........ i hadn't seen much of his movies when he was young....... later on i watched shamitab ....and really really liked amitab bachan in that.... after that i watched 3-4 movies of amitab released recently ..... i liked him.....

he's one of those people who follow rules..... have discipline in their lives , they are proudful people.... they will always encourage others and wont oversell their own talent ....absolutely hate those who crave brownie points from them .... but will keep a protocol about themselves. i admire those people.

answered by Director (134k points)
0 votes

Anil Kapoor -first fab.
Salman Khan -since 90 when I was at 7th class.
But Dilip Kumar is the latest addition.
Aamir Khan -not like much but like his movies

answered by Production Accountant (25.4k points)