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In my case most of my friends and family like salman a lot, then srk, then hrithik and then aamir. Most of my family and friends became salman fans after 2011.
asked in Opinion by Cinematographer (92.8k points)
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I guess my family like SRK, but I'm different because I'm not a fan of him. At one point I was a fan of SRK in the 90s era but not now. They don't even like any of my favourites e.g. Akshay Kumar & Ajay Devgan although they don't mind Hrithik.

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SRK was the top actor for everyone until at least 2010. M and my siblings idolised him. All mu cousins liked him. He was the only actor's whose movies my mom could tolerate. Actually from the last 3 movies my dad saw, two were RNBDJ and CE.

Now SRK has lost that level of craze. My mom does make fun of him, but she still refuses to watch any Salman movie, and most in my family hate him. She said no to watching Sultan even though she liked BB. My bro and sis mostly stopped following Bollywood, but the one actor they still give a chance is SRK.

Among friends, 3-4 are diehard fans of SRK, others mostly like Salman.

Funny thing, my grandfather recently became a big SRK fan. He started liking him after watching CE on TV last year, since then he always praises other movies of him like Mohabbatein and K3G, he thinks they are relatively new

answered by Production Accountant (26.8k points)
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Only Aamir otherwise they are not my family!

answered by Second Unit Director (70.9k points)

What an answer.

+3 votes

My family likes Aamir mostly some like srk.
My friends like Ranbir and Varun among boys
among girls they like hritik

answered by Casting Director (16k points)
+3 votes

My whole family loves Salman khan
Even most of my cousins are salman fan

answered by Casting Director (17.5k points)
+2 votes

My whole family is just crazy about Salman khan since 90s he is like family to us

answered by Casting Director (17.7k points)
+2 votes

All my family members are Salman fans but for 2 who are Aamir fans. Shahrukh was popular among friends but now all are either Salman (most ) or Aamir fans

answered by Unit Manager (30.8k points)
+1 vote

Among friends and cousins - SRK mostly and Aamir for others

Among elder family members - Akki & Sallu

answered by Super-star (193k points)
+1 vote

Friends - salman khan
Maternal side- Salman khan
Paternal side- salman and srk

answered by Location Manager (5k points)
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Salman Khan all the way and then comes Aamir Khan .In my Family only me and my brother's and cousin have Postive things to say for SRK otherwise no one even talks about him. HAHK MPK HSSH are the most popular movie in my Family

answered by Cinematographer (99k points)
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Well popular to me means known face which is even Imran Khan. If I talk about liking or being fan.
Friends : None. In school my female friends liked SRK male none.
Family : None

Films here in Punjab are watched as films IMO. I never saw any sort of craze for any star here. Yeah obviously mob will be there to see a star but I guess Sunny Deol was last star in Punjab.

answered by Super-star (165k points)
–1 vote

My dad's Khandan (20 people) likes SRK alot. Won't say fans as they watch all Stars films at home. They like SRK coz of his Hard work. I mean they also struggled and now settled same like SRKs life.
My Mom's Khandan (70) is kinda rich. Most of them likes Salman and dislikes SRK. Almost everyone. They troll him most of the time. And yeah all adores Aamir and his films and hardworking and acting etc stuff.
In my Family, my Mom started liking Salman since 3-4 yrs due to his Positive image and Films in recent times. Well my parents dislikes SRK, not dislike but they don't appreciate him ONLY when compared to Salman. They find him arrogant etc my mom specially. And my dad also started liking Salman or is very eager whenever he is on TV since 2yrs or so.
My younger brother (20yrs) used to like SRK during 2010-2014 period then he saw KICK and started liking Salman till he saw PRDP. Now he isn't giving much importance to anyone but yeah he still says SRK is still bigger at boxoffice and fan following across globe.
My sister isn't much into films.
Regarding my friends, well all likes SRK, I mean during discussions they hint SRK as bigger stands etc. And one of my Telugu friend became die Hard SRKian after JTHJ due to his acting. Not die Hard but he stated watching old SRK films and started watching his films in theater FDFS with me since CE till now.
And most of my friends call Salman as Remake King and make fun of him. And one of my friend trolls dislikes Akshay since start or say 2009 period where he had bad films. He was suspried to see Airlift go housefull in nearby single screen on Sunday and said wow Akshay ke films BI housefull jare.
Well that's it.

answered by Producer (102k points)

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