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oh no sir....... it may not be that simple... when you say biggest achievement that falls under salman khan category ..... he was nowhere in the radar in top stars... .and in 6 years his boxoffice run back 2 back blockbusters (good and bad and worst products included) and his glorious run on TV..... its not been seen and will never be seen.....

aamir khan .......dangal in china or domestic or overseas is an unexplained phenomenon .... he is currently number 1 bollywood star..... but biggest boxoffice achievement of all time rests with salman khan when you see the volume of films and their result.......

by Star (151k points)
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It would be unfair to compare him with legends of the yesteryears, but yes in the khan era, he has now emerged as the biggest. Salman is a megastar in India and he is rapidly improving in overseas too.......but it would be a tough task matchng upto what aamir has acheived.
Srk used to be the king of overseas, that title has now been usurped by aamir quite handsomely.

by Director (121k points)

Bro, it isnt, legends like dilip saab or raj kapoor or ashok kumar, overseas was not such a big source, there wasnt so much of exposure.

You cant compare sachin with bradman for that sole reason too. Aamir as of today is 20 times ahead of srk, that I agree. The sole fight for megastardom is now only between aamir and salman.


I think its not correct to compare actors of different generations.

Still Anyways Aamir is one of the biggest superstars one of the most successful good looking and best actors of all time having unmatched script sense and marketing skills.

Aamir has 2 more decades of Acting career left he will achive many more landmarks.
I think even if comparision has to be done we must do a comparision only after that.

I feel except Amitabh bachan and Salman khan none can be compared on terms of commercial success.
And in terms of critical success or acting skills or amount of Respect commanded It will be only with Dilip sahab.
In terms of overseas only srk can be compared.


oh man this guy is so ovrrated in talent and box office.Only post 2008 he gained momentum.


gutter chaap uncle kalapne lag gaya abe before 2008 Aamir's performance was good records show that after 2008 he took it to different level.

Samjha chal nikal ab

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Yes Aamir is a top superstar he is biggest brand In cinema today in India All sites are accepting this Period.

Its not only abt dangal bt entire career he has one of the most successful career in bollywood with 2 more decades left he will be active till 75 yrs like amitabh bachan bcz audience will accept him even as old hero dangal is biggest example
So only sky is the limit now for Aamir.

This is his entire career stats major box office records and critical acclaims along with excellent acting skills (updated before dangal china storm took place)

But having said that we Aamir fans must remain humble and never attack any actor or his fan or try to troll them if they dont do the same with Aamir and his fans.
We must avoid saying Aamir is best and degrading others this is dangerous things which only leads to hatred.

At last i want to say Haters may give as many excuses to pull him down but they cant take anything away from him.

by Production Accountant (26.7k points)

How many record from 1988-2007,Compare aamir and salman with SRK every year since 1992.I don't want to give that post again.


Chutiye 2007 ke baad compare karne mei phatt jaati hai teri bol kalapne lagta hai tu

even till 2007 Aamir has good records and after that he is unmatchable samjha moron kahin ka
Entire career matters not phases

+2 votes

Aamir is biggest megastar this country has ever produced.

by Production Accountant (21.6k points)
+1 vote

No dear you are pretty quick at decisions Salman is the biggest among khans records and stats justify that 2nd to salman it will be amir khan no doubt only one department where amir is leading over salman is atg movies rest whole the universe knows the facts even BOI,indicine,taran,komal,trade people knows Salman is the biggest among khans who have sheer star power but amir khans success can't be ignored as well

by Production Accountant (23.8k points)
0 votes

China has made you ask this silly question.Comparing aamir with Amitabh is hilarious.

by All Time best! (283k points)
0 votes

LOL LOL LOL have a look at stats son. In lifetime records SALMAN is ahead of Aamir in every department except Atbb and atgs. Just because he is having extraordinary china run doesnt mean you compare him with All time Megastars Amitabh bachhan and Salman khan. Aamir has to do a lot more movies to finish his career at top3 . Srk is still slightly ahead of aamir in full career analysis but no worry aamir is going to destroy srk in some years. I love aamir dont want to take part in fights just because some aamir fan will come and say something bad abt Salman khan

by Location Manager (5k points)

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