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Hyderabad vs Gujarat,if Gujarat wins Hyderabad will hope Pune beats Punjab otherwise they are out

If Hyderabad wins they go through

Kolkata vs Mumbai,if Mumbai wins Kolkata will still go through as their run rate is good unless they lose heavily

If Kolkata wins both Mumbai and Kolkata will take No.1 and No.2 spot having advantage of one more qualifier

If Hyderabad wins and Kolkata lose then Hyderabad will be at No.2 and Kolkata at No.3

Pune vs Punjab,If Pune wins they go through along with Hyderabad and Punjab will be out.If Punjab wins Pune will be out due to lower run rate if Hyderabad has beaten Gujarat.If Hyderabad lose and Punjab wins both Punjab and Pune will go through at No.3 & No.4

And Delhi will like to beat Bangalore to finish on high.They could have won couple of games more and qualified.

So Blockbuster weekends on the cards

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Most probably MI and KKR will be top 2.

answered by Production Designer (13k points)
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But the real battle is for No.3 and No.4.Hyderabad can also be at no.2 as Gujarat is not that strong but Kolkata have to beat Mumbai which is not that easy.