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It looks like it will be a tight battle as Baahubali 2 is at around $35M overseas, heading for a lifetime figure around $40M, and Dangal is at around $23M in China after 6 days.

What do you think?

Also bear in mind that Baahubali: The Beginning was a major disaster in China so there's no hope for the second film.
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Bahubali should have been a major disaster in every market excluding India. Wonder how it did well in some countries!.

Coming back to your question, Yes Dangal will easily cross Bahubali 2......

Let's Thank Aamir for being the only megastar who is consistently doing good cinema otherwise we all know what happened during this Jan(republic).........

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mela bhi january mein aayi thi...........


One mela, one talaash, one dhoom that's all u guys can bring.. Apne star ka dekh lol

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i dont think there is much scope for cartoons like bahubali in china. i say this because china makes these kind of films themselves with stars like jackie chan. so its nothing new for them. content on its own is pretty much like a shitbag with laughable action sequences. Chinese audience will probably treat bahubali as they treated HNY

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Baahubali banane ki tumhaari aukaat nahin hai tum sirf maula jatt jaisi filmein hi bana sakte ho.....................


With collections of Baahubali you can purchase 10 industries like lollywood may be more

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Sureshot.Dangal is looking at 75-80M$ LT in china,that is min.Some trade experts r saying second weekend wld be humongous of 7-8M per day and abt 23-34M weekend.

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