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Rohit Shetty: "The success of Baahubali The Conclusion is because of the script and direction, and not because of Prabhas'popularity."

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asked May 9, 2017 in General by Rancho Production Accountant (27,811 points)
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Renowned director Vidhu Vinod Chopra feels that ‘Dangal’ would have been a success even if Aamir Khan didn’t star in it. Speaking to the media at the ‘Dangal’ success bash, he said,
The director, who has worked alongside Aamir in well-acclaimed like ‘PK’ and ‘3 Idiots’, clarified that the story was much bigger than the person portraying the character in the movie.

Jal gayi teri aur jal

vidhu is flop director if you remove raju hirani and Aamir khan

Without Aamir dangal would have been reduced to a multiplex movie doing 200 crs thats it.

And get lost.

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100% theak bola rohit shetty prabhas have nothing to do with Bhahubhali mega success

answered May 9, 2017 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (24,536 points)
selected May 10, 2017 by Rancho

Like salman has nothing to do with mega success of HAHK and MPK.........................

Tau ji time will answer you you will c the results of Saaho it won't be even 10% of Bhahubhali 2 and 2nd y only salman put srk also in this category darr,bazigar,ddlj,kkhh,dtph,mohabatein,kkkg,rnbdj,CX etc were hits due to content srk has nothing to do with the success of any of the movies

tanveer,bazigar is not srk fan,he pretends to be.

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Agree. Put any of the khans or akshay or an hr in this bahubali franchisee and the movie would have knocked it out of the park too. It is a collective effort than an individual one.

answered May 10, 2017 by Intense Director (123,155 points)

he he he aamir khan in prabhas role.........................buddhi bhrast ho gayi hai tumhari................................don't fool yourself.

Oh yeah Aamir in Gadar too would have done much more.........................

Jealousy yet again. If aamir can play akhade ka pahalwan in dangal, if he can sport 8 packs in ghajini, he can very well play a role in bahubali too.

Had aamir done gadar, it would have been a higher quality movie, just like lagaan was.

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answered May 10, 2017 by Irdwhelp Editor (82,699 points)
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This Rohit Shetty hasn't crossed flop Dilwale worldwide collections with other superstars.Do rs ki aukaat nahin hai iski.And aamir has nothing to do with mega success of three idiots.he was lucky that SRK rejected the film

answered May 10, 2017 by Baazigar All Time best! (283,086 points)

No one............I repeat no one, not even SRK could have played rancho the way aamir did. Its good SRK rejected 3idiots, he never suited the role.

Rofl srk whose face is full of wrinkles could have played a 19 yr old student dont live in fools paradise it No one except Aamir could have played Rancho to perfection In mega atbb 3 idiots.

And srk is lucky that arman kohli didnt do deewana aamir darr salman baazigar and chak de India saif ddlj or else srk would still have to do 2 rs serials