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2 Decades Back in 1994 when Aamir and srk were just top stars and not top superstars then during an interview Aamir was asked about srk giving back to back big hits like baazigar and darr and being ahead of other youngsters.
Aamir's reply was simple he said he has seen such waves when anil kapoor gave back to back big hits, he saw when salman did so and he has himself seen it during qsqt and dil. Such waves keep comming but mind you the race to superstardom has just begun My path is different but the goal is same.

He was confident of defeating srk and going past him even without support of big banners and he did what he said.

Both Srk and Aamir had love hate relationship both took digs at each other at various occasions with srk always boasting about being the best and no.1 he claimed that he is king even his bad movies earn highly. No one should mess with him.

He even took dig at Aamir for production saying 'naya naya producer bana hai eak film lagaan produce ki thi'

He even thought his marketing skills to be btr than Aamir

Both even called each other 'Chichoraa' during 3 idiots promotions.

Things went worst during ghazini when Aamir movie which released just 1 week after rnbdj took away all limelight and proved to be a historical Mega blockbuster becomming 1st 100 cr nett movie of bollywood.

Little did srk know that Aamir will go past him both as actor and producer and in case of marketing skills as well.

Records and facts are there for everyone to see and compare this legendry Rivalry.

Anyways now they have good relations and they bond well.
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Yep, what needs to be seen is that during the 90s the khans were very outspoken....with time and exposure now they handle their rivalries better in front of the media too

Slow and steady wins the race.....amir stuck to his guns and won the race quite handsomely.

by Director (140k points)
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We can never see ranbir or varun or ranveer openly challenge each other like khans used to do in younger days.


Khans are on different league and cant be matched by today's youngsters in any way.


Salman never boasted of his stardom in 90s .he always said he is a small star in 90s. He is the most secure Khan

+3 votes

Hope so these fan wars have an end .... there will never be an era like three khans... they all dominated decades respectively and to be honest everyone in the industry tried hard to setback the khan dominance but everyone failed now in the last stages of 3 khans .... its time they deserve the respect from every fan either its salman , aamir or Srk ... all of them have been legends ..... Personally i feel i will never ever be bollywood movie lover after khans retirement. it ill be an end for me as well.

by Assistant Director (43.5k points)

very well said
cant agree more +1

+2 votes

That interview was awesome

by Production Accountant (25.5k points)

Yes bro, Today top young stars dont have the spark which khans had during younger days.

That competitive spirit is missing..

Things were too much hot in past btwn Aamir and srk having cold wars but now after crossing 50 both calmed down realising they achived everything now need to just enjoy and not fight hence became friends.


Bro for me the 3 Khans AK,Sk & SRK are Living Legends, Megastars & the biggest in cinematic history of all time.


Same for me as well

I may do fan wars here and there bt from bottom of my heart i admire the 3 legendry superstar khan trio and love their movie.
Cinema world is incomplete without their contribution.

+2 votes

yeah im gonna second that ........ there is bad blood between shah the sweaty rukh khan ... and aamir (cleverness multiplied by speed of light) khan.

salman khan has no ill will for anyone ... apart from few who have bila waja ki ill will for him. aise hi nahe they call him the mahn with gold heart.

by Star (153k points)
+1 vote

SRK-Salman rivalry was more famous because they were good friends for long time and then they went all WWE on each other with punching & kicking and powerbombs & spears, so their so called dushmani became talk of the town..!!

SRK-Aamir rivalry was less talked about, otherwise they were taking digs at each other for a long time, and now they are having meetings over extra martial affairs..?? Wow, they've come a long way, from calling each other names to this..!!

And yes, i agree that Aamir has went ahead but you never know, all you need is the right movie at the right time, things and equations might change again ;)

But yes, on a personal level, their relationship is now more calm and mature..!!

by Mega Star (213k points)

yo bijli chirya bro

0 votes

Now they bond over with their extra marital affairs.
Actually both actors achieved everything.
SRK is still no.1 brand since 20yrs.
Aamir is taking business to another level.

by Production Accountant (24.4k points)
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SRK has some learning to do. and the "war" isnt over. all 3 khans are gonna go well into their 60s. SRK dominated aamir for about 2 decades. and only in the last 8-10 years aamir has been more successful. the magnitude of aamir's success is huge. but you will see it is nothing that big especially with the arrival of bahubali (hahk level success). CONTENT is key with starpower. salman with his superstardom was achieving smaller successes compared to aamir(ready, danagg 2, bodyguard etc) mix good content he delivers BB( footfalls higher than pk). and no neither CE nor BB was a fluke as people love to call them. starpower is always there for srk and salman, and bigger compared to aamir's. just need the content to click

by Unit Manager (34.9k points)

Its actors job to select script if they cant choose good scripts its their problem.
Aamir has unmatched script sence and marketing skills, his acting skills are second to none and his brand value/market value/goodwill is highest.
I dont say this trade sites say this about Aamir.

Every superstar is different srk and salman command more craze Aamir commands more respect. Its similar to dilip kumar compared to rajesh khanna and amitabh.

And you said abt dominance so this is for you

Comparision of Srk Entire Carrer major records With Aamir Major records before 2010 And Performance analysis of Their Bad and Good Phases.

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