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Ekdum phaad di,Occ%-23.6 as against 13.2% of GOTG.

5M looks done today.Overall BO% is 18.6% against 15.3% shows.

Almost 34.6 k shows today.WOM is extraordinary beyond words.

34.5k shows already alloted for tommorow with row ratio of 13.3%.Tommorow there cld be 40k shows.

Not to forget usually in china,collns are lesser on sunday than saturday.
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I send a chinese site link. Check PM


.............. https://piaofang.maoyan.com/dashboard ........


Woah..they give second by second update..thanks rocsky and kabir

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Bubble burster dislikes this post

He says its bcz of distribution and promotion jaise china waley toh Idiots hain ki apna hard earned money aise hi kisi movie pe kharach karde

For successful marketing to be converted into successful sale you need Big brand and great product

Aamir and Dangal provides it


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Rancho kal ka record bhi tootne wala hai.Bullet train ki tarah colln badh rahe hai.2.25M cross.


yo maza aa gaya

looks like some jelous people got butthurt so gave me downvote

anyways i liked that

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Set for a huge total in China and now dangal is getting closer to that 1000cr ww mark.....gotg2 ka to lag gya , china men dangal ne laga di and India men bb2 ne

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Means we are going to witness lots of bubbles to be burst in front of bubble kumar...

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Fan bhi badiya content film thi,kya hua uska.


Uska bubbles to North to east ,south to west everywhere burst hua tha...

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Wow historic trending.
Normally Sunday drops from Saturday but here it looks like it will have Sunday higher then Saturday. Trending is even better then PK

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Great ! 4.30 PM CST Pe CN¥ 21.988M ~ $3.19M Dikha raha hain

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Ent to $2.83m pe atka hain.
http://english.entgroup.cn/boxoffice/cn/daily/?date=05 /07 /2017
Lekin saturday ka final Update $4.27M hain, 2 Days Total : $6.35M
http://english.entgroup.cn/boxoffice/cn/daily/?date=05 /06 /2017
so ab tak ka total 6.35+3.50 = $9.85M Cross ho gaya h


3.22 KAR diya ab.3.53M ho chuka hai.


Tere wali site ne kitna update diya... Data CN¥ me dena. Meri wali site NE CN¥ 26.116M at 18.20 CST diya h


Abt 29M Yuan till 4.30pm IST.

4.23M$ at the moment.5M shld be done today.

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........cool......for those who r wonderingg where this data is comingg from can check online movie booking portal of china maoyan's dashboard.......to get d updates..........


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