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As they approach 55, Khans will show signs of slowing down; the moviemakers will create entirely new types of starring roles just to accommodate the vastness of their personas.
 But fanbases may allow one or two or all of them to continue in the roles their favourite actor are doing now.
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Aamir, most adaptable out of the three, salman will continue to the biggest action hero till 60, if SRK changes himself now and realises his mistakes, he too will last till 60.

At the moment I see aamir and salman having a smoother transition.

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Aamir will have smoothest transition for sure
Its evident from mega success of Dangal

He will remain a top superstar till next decade (type of roles may vary) after that he would do what amitabh sir is doing for next decade before finally retiring

he has 20-25 yrs of acting career left including 10-15 yrs of superstardom In my opinion


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