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Is the movie Tubelight/Little Boy supernatural or not?
asked in Movie Discussions by Unit Manager (32.3k points)
80% Accept Rate

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IQ se yaad aaya..... Har saal Bollywood se 15 blockbusters ki chahat rakhnewala mahapurush ka IQ k baare mein bhi kuch bole janab!

7 Answers

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Well Salman was seen shaking mountains, buildings, streets with his mind, so maybe he is playing role of Professor X + Jean Grey in movie..!!

Maybe SRK is playing role of professor X, who will teach young Jean Grey played by Salman about his gifts of moving mountains with mind, and he must use these powers to find his brother who is declared dead in war but is actually alive, and now with his shoes as a proof he must find his brother who have a partial memory loss, and with his mountain bending powers, he must unlock the deepest part of his brother's memory kinda like professor X does with wolverine, to reconcile with him and have a happy ending..!!



SOHAIL KHAN as WOLVERINE who looks like SABER TOOTH from X men origins wolverine


answered by Super-star (194k points)
selected by

In Bajrangi Bhaijaan he was Hanuman bhakt. Ab Tubelight mein pahad toh uchalna hi padega na.

+2 votes

And I got upvotes from them. Think they actually didn't understand what I actually was saying.

answered by Super-star (165k points)

LOL. IQ like i said. maybe after reading this. they will go back and change up the votes. Tubelight ki tarah. thoda late jalte hain bhai k fans

@CJ i got your answer but neither a gave an up vote nor a down vote ..
btw don't come to a conclusion you might have got up votes on your answer by some fellow srkians only .. p

IRD. the time we were both referring to was that. all pro tube had + votes and anything else had - votes. so obiously from salman fans. other then CJs answer. so its pretty clear upvotes came from salman fans.

@kritik bhaiya
how do you know that Salman fans gave you up votes there? Apnw guru KRK se jana hai kya?

Sry to say but badly need eye check up bro...Grand Nova's anti Tube ans got highest number of up votes.... If ur logic is true then WTH that ans got those up votes???

+1 vote

I will answer after watching the movie. Thanks

answered by Unit Manager (35.2k points)

updated the question. maybe now people can answer.

+1 vote

I dont think it will be supernatural may be salman was trying to do something and an earthquake came
Surely i dont want an supernatural or magical angle in it

answered by Casting Director (18.5k points)

0 votes

We are not fortune teller bhai.

answered by Second Unit Director (79.6k points)

updated the question. maybe now people can answer.

0 votes

I said i liked innocene of salman still got negetive votes


answered by Casting Director (16.7k points)

@Rancho how are you sure that you got down votes by Salman fans only ...
there can be some others too ..
Even on the simple answers of Tiger & Shah's there were flags & down votes ...

im not saying salman fans gave me downvote im just saying i got downvote you see my comment i said i liked innoncence of salman and waiting for trailer

for that i got 2-3 downvotes

whoever gave it is stupid

May be someone who didn't like your answer bcoz of jealousy for Salman ...

ya it can be for sure

–1 vote

Fantasy not supernatural or maybe that's the word I'm not sure!.........

answered by Second Unit Director (71.7k points)

talaash turned out to be supernatural and it was a great movie with aamir's best performance in recent times after TZP

LOL all you put was supernatural???????? It sounded more like trying to mock. If you asked it a better way you would have gotten your answer instead of downvotes.

Watch trailer of Little Boy. Compare similarities.

supernatural ???? how is that mocking??

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