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Update ! Dangal had a Premiere in China where it Grossed ¥ 298400 = $43268 = ₹0.278cr on Just 40 shows
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Just a CS question

40 Shows × 150 seats per show = 6000 seats
ATP in China is $5. Let's take $6 here. Means capacity itself is $36000. Don't say me they put extra chairs like Single Screens in India.

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Excellent Start In Premier Shows. Dangal Is There To Stay.

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storm is comming only Aamir Khan rules and matters

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Final collns r way more.

0.043M$ from 40 shows.
Release wld be on 6-7k shows min.

You can calculate.Chinese BO site is saying min. 10M$ Weekend.

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This was a very limited release to spread it's WOM , and yes the result was what the makers desired as after its preview the rating in weibo (Chinese popular site) is increased​ 9.5 to 9.7 , now waiting for 5th May when it finally hit in Chinese theatre​.

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Badi Khushi ki Baat hai.................Thumbs Up Take the Thunder.

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Only 5.38 lacs from 17 shows ?

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Y all this negative voting?/

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wah kya HUGE opening hai china mein itne popular star aamir ki. just shows k yeh movie bhi wom pe chale gi. unlike actual big stars whose movies actually take big openings.

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i never said srk was a big star in china. tum log hi rote rehte ho. srk is big in UK US and other regions and the opening shows. check premiere shows of srks movies. unlike WOM star aamir lol


You need to understand that China is not the regular market for Bollywood & here mostly movies release with a gap of 1 year from original date...
So it's necessary to promote your film to spread awareness about your movies.


Are yaar kitne besharam ho tum log Aamir is light years ahead of srk now past mei jeena band kardo and Mark my words Aamir will end his carrer ahead of srk period

Opening ki baat toh toh Aamir has 5 record opening srk has 6 diff of just 1 that too will be covered after thugs

lifetime record aamir 5 srk 1 can never be covered

Aamir is light years ahead in every major record like bb atbb atg hgoty hgotd bhotd mwfotd hgotc
his hit bb atbb ratio will be also btr
overall he will be in top 3 along with amitabh and salman
while srk will compete with rajesh khanna and dharmendra to enter top 5 dilip kumar will already be there

Aamir will also have most number of years of stardom along with salman

Now stop being jelous accept the fact with pinch of salt on your wounds or burn in fire of truth and heat of jelousy who cares


I was checking most shows hardly had 100 seating capacity.Total seating capacity of these 40 shows wld be hardly 4000-5000.How much collns of 40 shows do u expect.Still
u can compare LT of SRK movies in china with these collns.

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