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Bahubali - The Conclusion held on extremely well on its second day as it collected around the 40 crore nett region again after a 40.75 crore nett day one. After such an extraordinary opening you would expect a drop but there is hardly any drop. The records continue to fall as after an all time record day one, it also has an all time record on day two with the highest collections ever on day two for a Hindi language film. The most astounding thing about these collections is not that they are coming on non holidays as Dhoom 3 has set huge records on non holidays but that they are coming with 12-15% of the market are missing.
This is because there are limited shows of the Hindi version in Nizam /Andhra, Mysore and Tamil Nadu / Kerala. Real value of these collections are in excess of 45 crore nett. The business of Bahubali - The Conclusion over the first two days is as follows.
Friday - 40,75,00,000
Saturday - 40,00,00,000 apprx
Total - 80,75,00,000 apprx
Bahubali - The Conclusion has seen a drop in collections in its South Indian language versions especially the Telugu one but that is how box office works there and it is a regular thing. The all India figures will be updated later.
Source Link: http://www.boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=2891
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Never expected that this film will do 40cr nett in Hindi version in any single day but here it did 40cr plus for 2 back to back days and will do 40cr again today means 3 back to back 40cr plus day that too on a non holiday, non festival period. Monstrous achievement must say because Bollywood films yet to do 2 back to back 40cr plus day even on festival period .
Monday is Semi Holiday and I will be not surprise if it do 150cr total in just 4 days.

by Producer (112k points)
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+3 votes

Somedays back some fans were laughing at JatinCharlie about the collections to be first 1000cr worldwide.... now its looking like Baahubali will cross dangal alone in Hindi version ........... history has been made wait for another big day on sunday....

by Assistant Director (43.4k points)

Lol beta nahi Baap hu tera...
JFYI highest collection in a single day for Hindi version is still belong to Aamir khan (yes Baahubali 2 have chance to cross that on Sunday while Srk still struggling to touch 37 CR , not talking about 45 CR manipulated figure)...
WW figure is still higher for Dangal 740 CR while Srk is still hoping to enter 400 CR.


At least Dhoom 3 Ka record 3 + years tak intact raha unlike Srk uska to 1 saal me hi chamtkar ho Gaya aur tabse har koi uska dhan daba raha hai chamtkar karte hue.


Bhai kisne Bola Baahubali ka price north india me Price hike nahi hua? Single Screen jaha normal ₹40 & ₹60 hota tha waha ₹60 & ₹80 hain, Ek SS me to ₹70 & ₹100 ka Price chal raha h


Hmm...worldwide 1000cr is possible now, however beating Dangal in hindi version is not possible...collections will drop from second week (hopefully it remains steady in the first week which is looking very much on cards)

+3 votes

So 1st time ever.a film will do 40 cr on three days.Epic!!!!! What a monstrous hit!!!! Mass hysteria!!!!

by Star (147k points)
+3 votes

How can it hold at such high levels. Now Sunday is all set to be 40cr+ again taking 3 day weekend to 120-125cr ( 155cr gross). 300cr looks on the cards if Tuesday holds at 18-20cr as Monday will be big due to partial holiday.
Talking about worldwide weekend, Indian gross will be around 375-385cr (155cr friday, 110cr Saturday, 120cr Sunday) . Overseas will be around 20m$ (8-9m$ USA, 5-6m$ UAE GCC, Remaining 5-6m$ in Rest of the world) including Paid previews.
Total worldwide weekend = 385+ 135cr = 520cr.
Now even if it trends just decent to good, it will do 1000cr worldwide.

by Assistant Director (41.7k points)
+2 votes

Finally, I can't remain uncongratulated. Prabhas, Rajamouli and team. All the best but you have already become the best if we go by two movies only

by Assistant Director (60k points)
+1 vote

And what makes its record is even more special is that no Enhanced Ticket Price this time as they are only hike for Aamir khan starrer..
By the way last year TJB & now Baahubali 2 - ensuring that for good numbers you only need good content that's all (no popular star cast , no holidays release).

by Director (129k points)

ah gaye HNY best movie ever fan.....Fan best movie with best acting and content but but but king srk not cross 85cr......HNY best movie ever


Lol that's why srkians always trolled themselves here I give two example TJB & Baahubali where both lead actor/actress are not strong means it's always important to get content right....
In case if Dangal & PK , lead actor is so strong that content will be a added plus but for small actors like uday , krk , Deno & Srk content is the only thing which can save these small actors


Deepak its frustrating to see you answering same thing in every Baahubali related questions man. Yes tickets are hiked but still its a non holiday release and the tickets would be maximum 10% higher than Dangal or other big movies in few multiplexes and equal in others. High ticket price is not a thing to be ashamed of, it actually shows the pull of the star..That he is so big that even if ticket prices are hiked it will still receive a phenomenal response from audience. Baahubali ticket prices are bound to be high, and BOI has too much to write about Baahubali the way its performing... Two 40cr days for a hindi dubbed movie in non holiday with one more certain 40cr to be added today, man you can not expect more..


Yes you can say that we are frustrated as we have the proper reason to do that , because all domestic/overseas/worldwide records now belong to Aamir khan & Baahubali 2 expected to beat at least domestic record if not all...
But why you people behave supporty because don't have anything which you can think of..
most important thing Baahubali 2 is biggest blockbuster past Sholay & we do not have problem to accept that but BOI paid article where they spread negativity against Aamir is not acceptable.

+1 vote

Since monday is a holiday, record spree will continue and the film should cross the 100cr mark by tomorrow.
Remains to be seen how it holds during the weekdays since the main crux would already be out by then..........repeat value would not be too much.

by Director (132k points)
0 votes

It's a tight slap on bollywood film makers who complaint about piracy & excuses for failure of their films as they are hardly making large canvas & huge budgeted cinemas to cater pan India audience ..
A hindi dubbed film is creating records on each day what more be ashamedful than this ..
Rip on Bollywood film makers .. p

by Editor (83.3k points)

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