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So according to Cinetrak, Bahubali 2 did 170cr worldwide on Friday !

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According to cinetrak bahubali did 130cr in India (Gross) numbers while it did 11.5mil combined Thursday+Friday so Friday numbers are 6~mil (40.4cr) total Stands at 130+40.4=170.4cr for FRIDAY which is insane totally insane
Source Link: cinetrack
asked Apr 29, 2017 in Box Office Related by being_tanveer Production Accountant (23,965 points)
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edited Apr 29, 2017 by Maruf Sarker

so actual day 1 200cr+ super..

2 Answers

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  • "We at Cinetrak consider gross as amount actually aggregated on Ticket window.
  • "Traditionally Fixed Hires for full run are added one and all in Day one. We believe the amount accruing to full run should be apportioned in same period. In coming days a detailed report would be put on site over this"
  • "If traditional approach is followed Baahubali 2 grossed ₹54cr approx in AP/TG and ₹140cr All India."
    Any South Industry Expert pls explain this.
    What is Fixed Hire system ?
answered Apr 29, 2017 by Rocsky Unit Manager (31,908 points)

Though I am not sure but I think Fixed hire system means some exhibitor pay a particular amount of Money/lifetime in advance to distributors for a particular film full run, now that amount which was paid to distributors is added as a day 1 collection by distributors(which is wrong IMO)

not advance ...advance is called as MG.(minimum guarantee).

@rocky made post on fh

Thanx bro. Just read your fixed Hire artical

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Yes It is around 170cr. Almost 100cr more then Second Highest Sultan(70cr around)
and total including Overseas premier is is crossed 200cr.

Baahubali2 cross ₹200cr Globally becoming fastest ever to do so. Domestic : ₹133cr (₹106cr Nett) Overseas : ₹68cr or $10.5mn

5:47 AM - 29 Apr 2017

answered Apr 29, 2017 by Maruf Sarker Producer (112,293 points)

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