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+11 votes
Masala - Action
Pure Comedy (like Hera Pheri , Welcome , Garam Masala etc..)
asked in Old by Star (150k points)
96% Accept Rate

6 Answers

+4 votes
Best answer

Let him go on giving mediocre to bad films like Welcome, Singh Is Kinng, Housefull 2 or even Tees Maar Khan, I wouldn't care as long as he keeps doing films like Special 26, OMG! Oh My God etc... once in a while.

My vote will go to Masala-Action since I know he'll doing comedy films. He's already typecasted in comedy roles to an extent where media portrays him as if he hasn't done any roles other than comedy. But more than Masala I would want the kinda Action which you expect from the Khiladi not the ones which was there in Khiladi 786.

answered by Mega Star (234k points)
selected by
+3 votes

You should have also included another option of Both because it very tough for me to chose one out of them i like him in both genre.........................

answered by Executive Producer (66k points)

Vote for the better one...!!

+2 votes

No One Can Match Akshay's Comic Timing....It's Obviously The 2nd Option For Me....

answered by Director (133k points)
+2 votes

Comedy >>> Action >>> Masala Action >>> Masala Comedy. ..............................

answered by Second Unit Director (72k points)
+2 votes

I think he is best in comedy and very good in masala action also but when he comes in a comedy film I have huge expectations from him to give a great laughing riot which he does give most times...

answered by Director (130k points)
+2 votes

Of course,pure comedy.He is by far the best actor there.His comedy films are my stress-buster at any time.It's sad he has done very few films like bhool bhulaiyaa,welcome,hera pheri,garam masala,bhagam bhag in recent past

answered by Production Designer (13.1k points)

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