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Seeing the Bahubalis and  Jungle Books doing such huge and none of the present young actors  includes not so young Hrithik ) have energy, determination and audience acceptability that will make their reign comparable to Khans, I feel their legacy will be highly inspiring-to look upto with awe for their achievements and longevity of their stardom.
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Yes they will be admired and respected like today Dilip kumar rajesh khanna and amitabh bachan are

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One thing which can't be achieved by any new generation star that is Longevity of carer like Salman and Amir khan have achieved their career will c atleast 40 years solo lead Movie which never was achieved nor will be achieved by any other new generation stars

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SRK will be remembered as Indias biggest self made success story, wit, hard work and charisma.
Salman will be remembered as the biggest mass megastar, best entertainer and the man who ruled hearts with his screen presence.

Aamir will be remembered for his perfectionism, clsssic content and impeccable script sense.

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They Came, they Conquered & they are Ruling!

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Aamir Khan's Will Go Down As The Biggest Megastar Of All Time.

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