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Box Office Battle Season 2 Winners Crowned (Final List & Leaderboard)

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This post is long overdue​ and I had to postpone this as I got busy with some other work. Sorry for posting it so late. 

The Annihilators(1564pts) have won Box Office Battle season 2, making it their second BOB title in a row beating The Ravagers(1377pts) with a sizeable lead - of over 200pts. It is well worth noting that The Annihilators also lead in all the medal categories with Most Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, overall. THUNDER BIRD owned & led The Annihilators to the BOB S2 title after Pallav left the ownership after a successful debut season. THUNDER BIRD was also the best performing participant of the season 2 overall with 20 Golds, 10 Silver & Bronze medals each, scoring 709pts in the process, which accounts to almost 45% of the overall points scored by The Annihilators. Invisible(445pts) & Charlie Runkle(215pts) were also vital for the Alliance's victory.

The Ravagers(1377pts)lead by Puneet Shukla managed to put up a decent fight and have finished as the runners-up this season. Rahil was the best performing participant from The Ravagers side, scoring 577pts on his own which accounts to almost 41% of the overall points scored by his Alliance. Rahil also has the record of most number of Individual Medals won this season with 41 in total.(T-Bird = 40) Rajat also proved crucial for the alliance by scoring around 285pts.

The Mob(1139pts) was at one point very close to The Annihilators and were in the second position before drifting off to the third position in the final crucial stages of the season. Abdul(372pts) Naya Yug(305pts)led the alliance to the third place and managed to keep the title race interesting  and Super Rocking Khan(260pts) also helped the Alliance to keep the title race tight up till the second last session.

The Invincibles(467pts)led by Sihan, were uninspiring to say the least and were the only Alliance to score less than 500 points & also the only alliance to not reach double digit in Gold MedalsTubelight was undoubtedly the best performing participant from the Alliance with 228pts, which is almost 48% of the total points scored by The Invincibles

Box Office Battle Season 2 Leaderboard

# Team Name image image image Points
1 The Annihilators 36 27 33 1564*
2 The Ravagers 31 24 29 1377*
3 The Mob 20 22 22 1149*
4 The Invincibles 7 14 2 467*

Individual Leaderboard Season 2 Leaderboard

# Username image image image POINTS
1 THUNDER BIRD 20 10 10 709
2 Rahil 17 9 15 577
3 Invisible 9 8 8 445
4 Abdul 4 5 9 372
5 Naya Yug 4 3 7 305
6 Rajat 2 8 5 285
7 Super Rocking Khan 4 8 1 260
8 Tubelight 4 8 1 228
9 Charlie Runkle 1 5 4 215
10 Fullmetal 2 1 5 165
11 Rhaegar 2 4 3 160
12 SSk 2 3 120
13 Puneet Shukla 3 2 3 118
14 abbie 2 5 107
15 Sihan 2 1 85
16 Lucifer 1 6 1 84
17 Ankit 007 1 3 60
18 deepak_bishty 50
19 Anand 1199 1 40
20 Filman 20
21 Karan Khan 20
22 Aashish Lachotraa 10
asked Apr 27, 2017 in Box Office Battle by Zin Assistant Director (48,130 points)
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2 Answers

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Best answer

Yes..!! Yes..!! Yes..!! Yes..!!

Technically it's 3 time champs as our team in very first competition was also winner, but yes in BOB, it's 2 in 2

Was this a surprise..?? I mean other teams like ravagers and other came close and took lead too but at the end the inevitable happened, The Annihilators annihilated everyone.

Other teams had super knowledgeable users, fighting users, pendulum users, trump cards, active users, surprise packeges and the biggest of them all, they had.......... JIO..!!

But the Annihilators had Team work, consistency, balance, understanding, communication, trust, more teamwork & some more teamwork, and we had power of Doraemon..!!

So i would now like to congratulate all my team members for a super show in the competition

Here are my team members









Last but not the least, it's time to acknowledge the person because of whome we had a productive last season, none other then pallav, hopefully he can join us next season



So, the Annihilators rocked, other team shocked, and whenever the next season starts, I'm just going to say that, it's time for a 3-0(4-0)..!!

answered Apr 27, 2017 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (201,170 points)
selected Jan 24 by Zin

This has to be the coolest winning speech ever. You must have had this speech ready ages ago

Actually just yesterday afternoon

Wanted to notify you when you were active, then i saw you hiding lord kashyap's answer, messaged you straight away, Didn't wanted to forget it

I'm in tears after this speech :')

Go Team Annihilators!! Can't wait to join again.

PS I look exactly like you showed me in the pic

Hahaha..I deserved it . I worked very hard for this.

+1 vote

Well i did pretty well after all i was sold for just 10 and scored 120 points

answered Apr 28, 2017 by SSk Production Accountant (23,813 points)

Yeah, you did very well. Maybe you'd stand at the top end in terms of price to returns.

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