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ATB to team #Baahubali. Gearing up for release tomorrow in 8000+ screens ww.

Your prediction for Baahubali : The Conclusion Hindi Version:-
*Opening Day(Hindi).
*Opening Weekend(Hindi).
*Opening Week(Hindi).
*Overseas Opening Weekend(All Version).
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Day1- 32.5cr
OS Weekend- 19.5 mln $


@karun ok,anyway i said to post hindi seperately.
@maruf good.


Opening Day - 34cr.
Weekend - 108cr.
Week - 170cr.


@Maruf/Lxbhsh, announce its winners

11 Answers

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Day 1 - 39cr
Weekend - 114cr
Week - 203cr
Overseas weekend - 20.5m$

answered by Assistant Director (41.6k points)
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you r da closest of all on day1 ...congrats..

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Opening Day(Hindi) - 33cr.

Opening Weekend(Hindi) - 108cr,

Opening Week(Hindi) - 185cr,

Overseas Opening Weekend(All Version) - $21 Million.

answered by Producer (111k points)
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Day 2 drop daa?


Expecting growth on day 2


+2 votes

Opening Day(Hindi) - 31.5cr
Opening Weekend(Hindi) - 105cr
Opening Week(Hindi) - 168 cr
Overseas Opening Weekend(All Version) - $19.5 million

answered by Second Unit Director (78.7k points)
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Opening day - 33.5cr
Opening Wknd - 105.cr
Opening Week - 170.5 cr
Overseas wknd - $21.5mn

answered by Editor (80.8k points)
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First day- 32cr
Weekend- 110cr
First week- 180cr

Opening weekend(overseas)- 21million dollars

answered by Producer (110k points)
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Opening Day: 30.5
Weekend: 105 cr
Week 1:168 cr
Overseas wknd: 18 M

answered by Camera Operator (11.6k points)
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Opening Day(Hindi) - 32.5cr

Opening Weekend(Hindi) - 103cr

Opening Week(Hindi) - 167cr

Overseas Opening Weekend(All Version) - 17 million.

answered by Unit Manager (35.3k points)
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Day 1 : 36cr (All Time Record)
Weekend : 107cr (All Time Record)
Week : 182cr
Overseas Weekend all version : $25mn (including unreported gross)

I think opening weekend overseas you should skip as alot will go unreported

answered by Super-star (167k points)

Unreported how when we got good scale to track datas from various abroad sites.

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Opening Day(Hindi)-32 cr
Opening Weekend(Hindi)-103.5 cr
Opening Week(Hindi)-168 cr
*Overseas Opening Weekend(All Version)-$19.5 mil

answered by Star (142k points)
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Day 1-32 crores
Opening wknd -108. 5
Week I -170
Os wknd -22 million $

answered by Assistant Director (49.3k points)
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Congratulation to entire Baahubali team in advance to become the 6th movie to cross 250 net in Hindi belt alone.
Apart from Baahubali only Aamir sir (Dhoom 3 , PK & Dangal) & Salman movies ( Bajrangi bhaijaan & Sultan) able to achieve that feat.
Coming to prediction
Opening day 30.95 CR
weekend102 CR
week 168.75 CR
Lt 265 CR.
overseas 18.7 m$
Can't predict Tamil/Telugu numbers as they entirely depend on maker imagination.

answered by Director (128k points)