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I myself can't explain why's it but since the day I watched Maine Pyar Kiya he becomes my voice, he satiates my desires and makes me laugh and cry even with movies where critics don't appreciate.
asked in Movie Discussions by Casting Director (18.9k points)
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his flow in emotional scenes....to be precise

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Well it would mean im demeaning him as an actor but the way he is SALMAN in those characters is what makes me go gaga over him!

You will always see a bit salman in his roles... his whole personality is that way!! You can make many movies on his personality only

answered by Production Accountant (20.8k points)
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Watch tzp, 3i, pk, dangal, Lagaan and Dch............. U will change ur fav actor.

answered by Executive Producer (69.6k points)

Watched all but except for TZP and Rangeela none enters my heart but to brain for Lagaan so he is my 4th favorite actor after Salman, Anil, Dilip.

Don't believe in IMDB.COM ratings. I have voted 10 /10 for all Salman movies including Marigold, MAMK, GTGH both from my computer and from friends too.

Good for u... And btw who is that dilip? hearing for the first time

Lord kahsyap......dilip kumar........surely you would have heard the name.

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