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Sharada Cinemas -
Balcony is 250rs

Urvashi Digital -
Platinum class is 600rs
Gold Class is 500rs
Silver class is 400rs

As of now only these 2 single screen theatres have opened advance booking & they are selling fast.

Wonder how much will be the pricing in multiplexes?

asked in Movie Discussions by Mega Star (237k points)
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Extraordinary start to advance. PRDP day 1 record will be gone in advance sale itself.
Update : Day 1 Housefull with record ₹29.25 lakh Gross

answered by Super-star (165k points)
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Let's hope that there would not be riots for tickets...

answered by Assistant Director (43.4k points)

Oh there will be.

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200rs is the rate govt has fixed for movies be it multiplex or single screen, so how can they hike so much for Baahubali 2 ?

answered by Assistant Director (45.3k points)

Not fixed. They've just mentioned about it in the budget. Implementing it legally will take time. Probably not even in May.

Even in AP they've raised single screen ticket rates to 250rs. Only in Telangana they've put a cap. Tamil Nadu no ticket price hiking is allowed.

In TN prices are hiked otherwise no way a film do even 10cr in Single day there.

TN govt ticket prices are followed in just Chennai & coimbatore metros ...in all other areas hiked prices for every new biggie..

+1 vote

Would pay even more for Thugs of Hindostan!.

answered by Second Unit Director (71.7k points)

I would've hidden it but let me tell you once. Any post should & must have relevant answer. Bringing Aamir or his films to any post unrelated to him will be hidden.

Well we are hiding such answers without informing. Now since you repeated it in my post I am letting you know.

oh man take it easy!. As die-hard aamir fan it's difficult to control. I really can't wait for TOH.

Na. That might be your excuse. But as an admin I can't accept. Got to keep the forum's sanity.

What is your name?
My friend's father's brother's neighbour's dog's name is so and so.

The only way to describe this answer is STUPID right? Nobody likes to see/read such answers.