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Breaking News - Rajnikant's Robot 2.0 postponed to 25 January 2018. Now clash between Secret Superstar and Golmaal Again on this Diwali ! Views

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taran adarsh  
#BreakingNews: #2Point0 will NOT release in Diwali 2017... Team wishes to achieve world class standards in VFX... Now 25 Jan 2018 release...
8:30 AM - 21 Apr 2017


taran adarsh  
With #2Point0 getting postponed to 25 Jan 2018, the clash is between Aamir Khan [#SecretSuperstar] & Ajay Devgn [#GolmaalAgain] this Diwali.
8:31 AM - 21 Apr 2017

asked Apr 21, 2017 in Movie Discussions by Salbajaj Camera Operator (8,904 points)
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edited Apr 21, 2017 by Maruf Sarker

News was posted by taran adarsh on twitter....

In an excuse for world class vfx....lol

Lets see how much world class the vfx are on 25jan 2018

8 Answers

+5 votes

World class vfx or world class deshbhakti drama, digging toilets, and robot shaped dustbins in cities to promote swachh bharat mission, and 3 more months of akshay kumar blabbering and giving his patriotic certificate to people so that people don't ask him to go to canada lol

answered Apr 21, 2017 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (203,765 points)

You are free to ask him but on which basis is he living illegally here? if yes than go and ask.

Why should i..??

Who cares basically, i like him, and i don't question his patriotism or love for country or that stuff, but he's behaving like a show off, even if it's genuine, it's way too on your face to not appear as show off

Srk is my favourite actor and i call him out whenever he does wrong things and takes wierd decisions about his movies, same way i feel about this, too much on your face kind, it may not be, but it's looking like that, hence i wrote a sarcastic answer perfectly describing what is happening in surroundings..!!

+3 votes

Now Golmal has chances to be in top 3 of the year easily

answered Apr 21, 2017 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (23,926 points)
0 votes

Good for Bollywood industry. Now 2 Bollywood films can easily survive on this Diwali as one of them are small budget film.
These big budget South films like Robot and Bahubali franchise which has huge target to release in Hindi version should not come on those release date which is a major Bollywood release date.
They will anyway can get expected revenue no matter where or which release date they come as these films always has huge pre release buzz.
Targeting major bollywood release date for these films means loss for Bollywood Industry.

answered Apr 21, 2017 by Maruf Sarker Producer (112,293 points)
0 votes

SS will get hammered by golmaal, now ss should also shift to a later date.

answered Apr 21, 2017 by Intense Producer (117,572 points)
0 votes

I think both amir and rohit have idea about it and that's why all these sudden announcements of release dates.

answered Apr 22, 2017 by Sss d Assistant Director (41,936 points)
0 votes

Secrete Superstar will beat GOLMAAL........

answered Apr 22, 2017 by Agan Executive Producer (64,506 points)
0 votes

Secret Superstar will lead the battle....
Aamir Khan is the key.....

answered Apr 22, 2017 by Boxofficemaan Assistant Director (43,561 points)

I guess the key didn't worked..??

Yar.. tu bada yaha par comment karne pahoncha.

–2 votes

And This Was Just A Teaser! Aamir's Cameo Is Enough To Shit The Pants Off Of Rajnikanth.

answered Apr 21, 2017 by Rajat Production Accountant (27,322 points) 1 flag

When aamir will cross Day 1 of Kaabali and Biggest weekend of Kabaali Overseas on his own

Dangal Weekend > Kabali Lifetime

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