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asked ago in Movie Discussions by All Time best! (273k points)
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Akshay Priya with a huge huge margin

Look at other replies....................Fools.

they all should jst go n watch Garam Masala....leave other films

6 Answers

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Best answer

Aamir -Hirani and
Salman -Sooraj are most successful pairs after 1990.

answered ago by Camera Operator (9.7k points)
selected ago by
+2 votes

Baba Gurmeet vs Baba Gurmeet is the all time best jodi.......4 movies.... 4 ATBB. Aur kuch chahiye kya???

answered ago by Production Designer (12.9k points)

Hera Pheri is better than PK..............................

What about 2 Munna Bhai movies and 3 idiots???

+2 votes

Aamir hirani any day, akki priyadarshan were decent, but the former are on an epic level.

answered ago by Assistant Director (59.2k points)

Bachcha Bachcha knows that which pair is better... Aise posts pe baba Gurmeet and tukka paazi ko beech me lake ans diya karo.. Hahaha

Bro, i have given, check out his other questions, main aise hi answer deta hun, he is an attention seeker thats all.

Tumhaari attention leke mujhe kya mil jayega............

Tasalli milega.... Jo baba Gurmeet's and global king's ATBBs
aapko deta hai

+2 votes

Hahaha i don't even need to answer.Everyone knows the answer.

answered ago by Location Scout (4.4k points)
+1 vote

Any sane guy will vote for Aamir- Hirani. 2 atbb/atg with critical acclaim and also a social message.....

answered ago by Executive Producer (66.7k points)
–1 vote

Obviously Aamir-Hirani Combination. Boxoffice Apart, 3 Idiots Is The Most Famous Indian Movie Worldwide.
And As Far As Boxoffice Goes, There Is No Competition Whatsoever.

Hera Pheri + Garam Masala + Bhagam Bhag + Bhool Bhulaiyaa + De Dhana Dhan + Khatta Metha = 5.43Crore Footfalls

PK + 3 Idiots = 6.76Crore Footfalls

answered ago by Casting Director (19.8k points)

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