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Which movie will be the best one between Tubelight and Dutt?

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Both the directors are master in their crafts and both are my Favourites But after BB I started to like more kabir khan over hirani and Tubelight is affirming my belief that Kabir khan will be the Best in 2017 that is my point now share your honest opinions over it
asked Apr 20, 2017 in Movie Discussions by being_tanveer Production Accountant (24,534 points)
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Let's compare
1. Director : Hiran
2. Actor : Ranbirr
3. Writer : Abhijat Joshua

On paper Dutt leads

5 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer

10 Tim better than Dutt

Likh lo!

answered Apr 20, 2017 by Faizurrahman Location Manager (7,345 points)
selected May 29, 2017 by being_tanveer
+2 votes

Optimistic nature in me says Tubelight will be better

answered Apr 20, 2017 by shah Executive Producer (62,073 points)
0 votes

To be Honest , Kabir has delivered only once (BB). If Tubelight turns out to be better than BB (both content and BO wise) then you can compare both. Raju is in the league of his own, just look at his films. My bet is on Raju i.e, Dutt biopic.

answered Apr 20, 2017 by God Father Production Accountant (21,764 points)

The reason y raju making master piece movies is that he is not experimenting like others he is only sticking to only one genre which is his forte if he comes out of his comfort zone and does action, romantic ,thriller etc and gets success then I will acknowledge your point Coz Director should be versatile not only sticking to only one genre all his life like karan, adi and sooraj

sooraj..........................kya bola?

0 votes

I expect tubelight to be the film which is better, But saari limelight raju le jaayega and rk will sweep all awards.

answered Apr 20, 2017 by Intense Director (123,355 points)

Kaise sari limelight hirani le jayga Tubelight hgoty hogi Salman and kabir had awar show main cha jaynge

Nope, ranbir saare award khareed lega, aise Pr stunt to salman nahi karta na? Thats what I meant. inspite of tb being a better film, saari limelight dutt ko milegi

award khareedna itna easy nahin hai.............Hrithik ko to chaar miley hain.Salman khan jaise actor kabhi awar payenge.................doubtful hai.

0 votes

better movie will be tube light....

datt biopic only for target audience......
but one thing sure....dutt biopic swept all awards .....

answered Apr 20, 2017 by power Assistant Director (46,463 points)

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