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@Kashyap123 nobody compared I with Shankar's earlier films? Everybody did just like how they do it for Mani Ratnam. Shankar isn't the after the death of his writer Sujatha who wrote all his films till 2010. It's story was weak & Sujatha's work was definitely missed.

U-Turn wasn't good. That doesn't mean he can't rate others work. Everybody does. If only Hirani had a better second half for PK, he wouldn't have desperately killed off Sanju's character to rise the emotions which were heavily down till that scene. The entire second half was solely dependant on Sanju's character to die to bring some seriousness & push the film a bit higher. The screenplay is right infront of us to judge. The loopholes were huge.

@suhas don't forget u r debating with person who thinks "Buddha Dilip and Buddha B are KIDS in front of Aamir"...." Aamir is much more popular than Chinese actors in China".... So, ur arguments must be in the same level of his.....

u plz stay out of it. will u?..

Why not......?

3 Answers

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both are different genre..... and style movies....can't say which will be best.....

but sallu Bhai enough to drag audience in theatre......

answered by Unit Manager (38.2k points)
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Tubelight will be way better than Dutt and Tzh thandh padh gyi

answered by Casting Director (17.6k points)

Itti sardi hai kisi ka lihaaf laile....

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Dutt biopic will be one of the best of the Decade.
TZH = ETT content-wise.

answered by Production Accountant (20.5k points)


Boss, TZH is ETT2. It's not releasing as a standalone film.

now ok?

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