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  1. do you believe we can do this?
    kya tumhe yakeen hai?
  2. Relative goes to war.
    Little Boy - Father , Tubeligt - Brother
  3. I don't remember exactly But in Little Boy there is something like this that shoes are bought for father by that boy.....
  4. The Big One : SRK as magician like that one in Little boy & Sallu moves that bottle (written on that sheet released by Kabir)
    Wait for more.....
asked in Movie Discussions by Production Accountant (20.5k points)
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there is WW2 angle...we got freedom after WW2....so to make a connect with the audience they used 1962 war as a backdrop....little difference.
That movie is also on Belief, same as Tubelight as tweeted by taran.

According to these logics each every single movie of SRK is a remake of Salman's MPK.... Salman romances a girl in MPK, srk does it in every movie. Salman's MPK had couple of songs, akk the srk movies also have songs, Salman was to struggle to get the heroine finally, srk has to do the same in all movies..... Aur similarities batao kya bhai?

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So From South Remakes, Salman Has Moved On To Foreign Remakes. Quite A Progression I Must Say. Anyway It Won't Cross PK, Let Alone Dangal.

answered by Production Accountant (25.2k points)
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South remake se yaad aaya... Until working in South remake Ghajini gigastar Aamir wasn't even considered a star, forget superstar status.... Hahaha

Aamir Made Ghajini, An ATG, Salman Remade His Whole Career, Which Was Full Of Disasters, On That Idea. But Unfortunately Despite Doing After So Many Remakes, He Isn't Able To Give A Single ATG. LOL.
And If Aamir Wasn't A Star, Then Think What Salman Was. Just Another Junior Artist. Another LOL.

"Aamir Made Ghajini, An ATG,"...... Absolutely true. This south was the sole reason for getting sidekick roles in movies like 3 idiots, Dhoom3, PK, Dangal etc. In short south remake Ghajini gave us a new character artist who can portay khusat buddha's role with ease...... LMAO!

Aamir became a superstar in 2008 with ghajini at the age of 42. Haha Salman became a superstar in 1991 with 2 blockbusters in a year. Some article was also published at which age khans became superstars haha

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Hahahaha I don't know y are you so interested in Tubelight ? Rather you must focus on your idols movie don't take any burdon over your shoulders whether it is a remake or a copy paste its none of your business only concentrate on Raula pe gaya coz srk needs badly concentration of his fans

answered by Casting Director (17.6k points)
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Accha agar hai to kya ho gya??? It is the treatment of content which matters. Just because you feel Tb is inspired by little boy doesn't meant it won't cross PK. If the film is entertaining, apne aap chal jaayegi.

answered by Cinematographer (92.7k points)
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Why dont you concentrate on raula it will struggle for semihit and 150cr. Tubelight will be either a bb or atbb be rest assured

answered by Location Manager (5k points)

He is aamir fan boy...

@Nitin k look at his dp its Srk ...

Yahan boht saare aise users hain srk ke fan hain................par photo kisi aur ki lag dete hain

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Is there Chinese war angles in Little Boy?

answered by Unit Manager (30.6k points)

there is WW2 angle...we got freedom after WW2....so to make a connect with the audience they used 1962 war as a backdrop....little difference.
That movie is also on Belief, same as Tubelight as tweeted by taran.

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Okh i agree on this then what's your problem dude i have seen similar posts of you in past too ..
How are so sure tht it won't cross PK..
i remember you were doing open challenges to Salmaniacs in this regard ....
Salman is right now numero uno in star rankings even if Tubelight / TZH won't cross 250cr also he will still hold the top position ...

answered by Second Unit Director (76.1k points)
edited by

Yes, I challenge every Salman fan that Tubelight won't cross PK/350 cr mark.

and yes, this decade belongs to Sallu.

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