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Dhoom 3 deserved ATBB verdict?

+4 votes
Budget - 175 cr
Nett - 260.63 cr
Gross - 348.73 cr
Footfalls - 2,97,93,000
D.s. - 141.92 cr
Verdict - ATBB

According to BOI calculation for ATBB verdict required d.s. is calculated by this formula-
Average ticket price release year - 109.75 rs.
D.s. = average ticket price * 1.25
D.s. = 109.75*1.25
D.s.= 137.1875 cr

Dhoom 3 distributed share is - 141.92 cr
So this movie deserve ATBB verdict.

It cannot decided by hgoty, break circuit recordsand other things.

What is your opinion can dhoom 3 is deserve ATBB verdict or not?
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asked Apr 19 in Box Office Related by Ashish Location Scout (3,291 points)
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Acc to this formula Sultan is much bigger ATBB compared to Dhoom3. Cz nett collections, gross collections, footfalls, distributors share everything were much more than Dhoom3. Also, Sultan's budget was much lesser.

Budget not matter for ATBB tag. And this formula we can consider that
D.s. = 132 * 1.25=165 cr
But sultan d.s. is 158.50 cr
So only its verdict is blockbuster.

According to this formula Sultan's distributors share is more than 200cr (1.29 × 158.5)..... Hahaha. Apna formula sahi karo yaar...

200 What? ATP For 2016 Is 132, Not 158.5. LOL

Ole le le.... Munna ko kaafi knowledge hain...!

2 Answers

+3 votes

It will be demoted to blockbuster down the decade when whole decade data will be compiled and adjusted accordingly so toll 2019 it will be atbb and from 2020 it will be called as blockbuster by BOI

answered Apr 19 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (20,532 points)
edited Apr 19 by being_tanveer
–2 votes

Yes It Rightfully Deserved ATB Verdict. But ATB Is Less Significant When You Have A Term ALL TIME GROSSER To Boast Off.

answered Apr 19 by Rajat Production Accountant (25,908 points)

Chennai Express
Bbi ATG thi!

It Was Only A Marginal ATG That Could Manage To Beat Previous ATG By Just 5Crore. Dhoom:3 Smashed It By 60Crore.

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