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In Dear Zindagi, Did Jug fall in love with Kiara?... Need your views..........

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asked Apr 19, 2017 in General by kashyap123 Second Unit Director (75,799 points)
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Good question +1.

Yes IMO he did fall in love with her .They showed it through the creaking of chair.

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Yes. THere was an ode to a scene in baadshah where the mirror cracks with a walnut if a person is in love. And in DZ the chair squeaks. That was an indication that he falls in love with alia. The last scene of the movie disappointed me. It needed SRKs character

answered Apr 19, 2017 by thekai100 Unit Manager (34,582 points)
selected Apr 20, 2017 by kashyap123

Jatinder: bhai it is an artistic way to tell that what Jug feels abt Kiara.....but it doesn't mean love only....i think what Jug says earlier in the film is 'u like somebody but u can't do anything abt it' .....so, it acc. to me means that obviously SRK liked Kiara n wanted to stop her but his professional duty didn't allow him to stop her......it does not only mean that Jug LOVES Kiara

Thekai have you watched Dear Zindagi deleted scenes..FFS they removed a very important scene in which Jug told Kiara about the story which she filmed at the end.I guess she kinda thanked Jug by making a film on the story he told him (Also it shows that Kiara is now able to retell Jug's story in a good manner)

Pallav: that scene was thankfully n smartly deleted.....that scene was like denying that Alia becoming a creative person after fighting depression.....don't know how they didn't feel even on paper that SRK telling story n Alia at the end repeating it kinda goes against the soul of the film......it is a beautiful scene n even with SRK in it, still feels good that it became a deleted scene,.....n in my opinion, we should not even consider that scene for interpretation of Dear Zindagi

Well now that's another interpretation and a better one too..
Okay I'll go with your explanation that she became a creative person finally.

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No I don't think so as to what love you are thinking. Jug in film explain that love isn't jusy between two lovers but in various other relation. Jug & Kairaa care for each other that's what love mean to me.
Secondaly Jug in film has a philosophy to open up what's in mind so don't think he would have keep it as secret with him that too when Kairaa propose her.

Jug had a intense backstory IMO which stopped him to fall in love or say he was matured enough to control his feelings.

answered Apr 19, 2017 by Charlie Jatinder Super-star (167,557 points)
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I believe he did fall in love with kiara.
his one of expression says it all. watching srk for many years,
lallat hain muz pe, if i cant answer this question. kya fayda srk ka fan hone ka .
just feel him for lastt few minutes. you would realize.. fcuk mahn he was too good in those scenes...

yeah ilaka srk ka hain bas aur wo usase koi nahi chin sakta...!!!!

any real srk fan must agree with me....

answered Apr 20, 2017 by Boxofficemaan Assistant Director (43,561 points)

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