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1. PRDP - 46 lacs

2. ETT - 40.7 lacs

3. HNY - 40 lacs

4. Sultan - 39.4 lacs

5. Singham 2 - 38.2 lacs

6. Dhoom3 - 37.1 lacs

7. CE - 37 lacs

8. Bodyguard - 32.4 lacs

9. Agnipath - 30.5 lacs

10. BB - 30 lacs

11. Dangal - 28.8 lacs

12. Kick - 28.6 lacs

13. Pk - 26.4 lacs

14. Dabang 2 - 26.3 lacs

15. Bang bang - 26.2 lacs

16. Dabang - 25.8 lacs

17. Besharam - 24.4 lacs

18. K3 - 23.4 lacs

19. Jai Ho - 22.4 lacs

20. Dilwale - 22.3 lacs

Source : Boxofficeindia.com

Salman Khan has 5 movies in top 10 and 9 in top 20.

Aamir, SRK and Hrithik have 3 movies for each in top 20.

Only 2 non Khan films are there in top 10....Singham 3 & Agneepath. Overall 5 non Khan films are there in top 20.

Dhoom3 & Bajrangi Bhaijaan are the only non holiday releases to find a place in top 10.

Bodyguard is the oldest release to make a place in top 10 & Dabang is the oldest release to have a place in top 20.

ETT opening day footfalls >>>>>>>> HNY opening day footfalls although ETT released on just 3200 screens compared HNY'S 3900 screens. But according to our very own trade analyst @charlie jatinder, HNY 1st day occupancy>>>>>ETT's 1st day occupancy.....Bwhahahaha..Hahaha...
asked in General by Production Designer (12.8k points)
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Assumption No.1 : ATP taken by BOI to calculate footfalls
Now just for your knowledge contribution from each circuit on day 1 differs from contribution in lifetime which means day 1 Gross to Nett ratio is different from full run.
FoR Instance Day 1 PRDP did 3.97cr in East Punjab i.e. 10% of Day 1 while 15cr approx in lifetime which is 7.8% approx. Now tax in Punjab cirCuit is 20-23% which creates good enough difference i gross to nett ratio. South circuits are frontloaded and with less tax rates. In short day 1 GrOss to tqx ratio is significantly less than lifetime.

Further ATP of films doing well in Single sCreen fAll much more over weeks than those doinv well in plexes. So you cant take full run ATP as day 1 ATP.

If you want to calculate footfalls First calculate gross and then divide by ATP. In short tere bas ki baat nhi. Kisi CA ko karne de.

Exactly..... I know those everything very well... Higher ticket price in weekend, difference between single screens and multiplex ticket price, different ticket price in different circuit. But all these things are equally applicable on every single movie. Isn’t???

If I consider those all things for each movie then it will create even more confusions. So, let the things keep simple.....No manipulation no jholbaazi only raw data for all movies.

So Basically You Are Assuming Same Conditions For Every Movie, Aint You? On The Contrary, Business Dynamics Ain't Same For All The Movies. Sorry Mate, Then All The "Hardwork" You Did Stands No Ground.

If I would've used different parameter for different movie then you would be the first one to question why that for this movie, why this for that movie and blah blah blah.... So better stick to the same category/formula for all movies.

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So as usual ..
K. H. A. N ...

answered by Executive Producer (62.9k points)
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Itti sardi hai kisi ka lihaaf lele

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Tubelight non -holiday: 35 lacs
TZH non -holiday: 42 lacs

answered by Camera Operator (9.6k points)

TZH - 42 lacs... Yes 99% sure.

Tubelight - 35 lacs.... 50/50 chance... Cz of pre Eid.... IMO.

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Jai ho hanging in there..... it opened way better than any other movie that released on a similar day...

Megastar is really an understatement for Salman Khan

answered by Casting Director (17.9k points)
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IndiCine was right when they say megastar is an understated word for Salman

answered by Camera Operator (9.6k points)
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Dear how did you calculate st day footfalls ?

answered by Location Manager (7.3k points)

Simple si formula hai.... Bas thoda saa waqt lagta hai.

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Then do lungi dance...................................................

answered ago by All Time best! (273k points)

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