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Tight slap on BOI's face by Aamir.They were proved wrong by Aamir but secretely updating in Summary sheet and no article.Height of hypocrisy.

WW gross-703.5cr in phase 1.

Note-16cr dubbed versions gross has not been added.

Already 15cr added in second phase with atleast 10-12 cr more in taiwan expected and then the mega release in china followed by release in korea,Hog kong and japan.

asked in Box Office Related by Camera Operator (8.4k points)
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@Jatinder BOI said in this article
but its not a claim, its a prediction only.

It's looking like a very awful thing but dangal cld cross 900cr WW considering china success.It's sad to see SRK still struggling for even a 400cr WW gross.

Meanwhile Mr. Bachchan is yet to cross 200cr. So sad.

But Aamir and SRK are contemporaries while Big B is 20 years senior to all. Woh bhool gaye munna.
Also Mr.Bachan wouldn't only cross 200cr in 2018 but he wld jump straightaway to atleast 900cr.

2 Answers

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That is not called claim but prediction or projection or forecasting. Claim is what they do now that is ₹496cr gross.
Prediction have gone wrong in past will go wrong in future. Don't make a sshit outta it.

answered by Super-star (165k points)
–1 vote

Itna sab yaad kaise rakh lete ho be?

Yahan kal boss ne kya kaha tha yeh bhul jate hai log

answered by Production Accountant (20.9k points)

Yaad rehta hai taaki time aane par troll karu.

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