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salman khan is THE BODYBUILDER of bollywood , arnold is of hollywood both biggest action heroes in their own industries both controvertial in their off screen lives, speak their mind no matter what.


Srk jim carrey......... huge stars in the 90s....   similar acting in every movie for jim carrey, similar acting for srk in all his movies.... same movies over and over for jin carrey comedy with overacting....same to same movies for srk ..romance with overacting.... both havn't seen a hit in a really really long time


aamir khan morgan freeman......  over 30 years old careers in being the best supporting actors of their respective industries ...its a gift and a curse. over 150ml dollars net worth but living the life of misery .... publically saying they feared for their security ...aamir khan intolerance comments.... freeman for racism.
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'similar acting in every movie for jim carrey'....tu ny kitni films dekhi hain Jim Carrey ki??


Similar acting for jim carrey in every movie..........nice joke which parallel universe is srk comparable with carrey?


Arnie be like...

Jim Carrey be like...

Morgan Freeman be like...

Salman Khan be like...

Shah Rukh be like...

Aamir be like...

5 Answers

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Salman Khan -Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis does action film till 60. We fans will allow him to continue for ten more years.
Aamir Khan -George Clooney
Shahrukh Khan -Tom Hanks

by Executive Producer (66.3k points)
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why George for Aamir???how??
n even bigger why for SRK-Tom???...i really want to know if u like to elaborate


Still a dashing fig. Clooney has involved in later years in production and direction. He used his stardom to promote issues of human rights and Aamir with Satyamev Jayate also does the same.
Like Tom Hanks SRK spent his early career as a romantic hero, taking on dramatic roles.


thnx for replying.....i thought u made Clooney-Aamir as having similarities in star presence also where everybody will disagree as Clooney is too classy plus not some great actor of Hollywood like Aamir is
for Tom-SRK, i thought both hv a different acting style plus script selection.....didn't know Tom Hanks also retained romantic image in early hv seen his few films n all non-romantic except Larry, n if u exclude Forrest Gump

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Although Arnie Has Done Some Terrible Films Lately, He Has Never Been Insulted Like This Before.

by Production Accountant (27.4k points)
+1 vote

For the current scenario:

Salman Khan = The Rock
Aamir Khan = Leonardo DiCaprio
Shah Rukh Khan = Tom Cruise/Will Smith

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)
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Freeman is a kid in front of Aamir. We can say Tom hanks is the Aamir Khan of Hollywood

by Second Unit Director (77.3k points)
–1 vote

Haha haha nova Mahn y are you behind Srk amir all the time leave them alone coz both will not change even 1% srk will do the same until he retires same case with amir India was intolerant now for Dangal he is pretending that he finds Himself more closer to Chinese more than any other nation #Hypocrite

by Production Accountant (25.5k points)

When did he ever day India is intolerant?. Sitting somewhere in some country and commenting about India lol

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